Friday, May 01, 2009

continued organization


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Robb dropped off another bag of clothes at the Goodwill, yesterday. I'm ashamed to admit that I failed to pack all of the Goodwill clothes into the car last weekend. I failed to discern between the Goodwill clothes, the clothes to the rag trade, and the vintage clothes that I'm trying to find a good home for.

We need to tackle our office next, as neither of us have any idea of what's stored on those hard-to-reach top shelves. We started on this project last weekend, which is to say, Robb got a lot done, and I was unable to make ruthless decisions about my stuff. At least it is in relatively neat piles, which must count for something, right?

If the "Big One" earthquake comes when I'm sitting in the office, I would hate for my last thoughts to be "What the hell is all this crap" as tumbling boxes of who-knows-what crush me to death.

That photo is not from our apartment (as if!) but rather from Flickr.


Music Woman said...

Sounds like what's happening at our house! We are trying to pack so we can move within the next six weeks to a new house. However, my husband's excessive amount of things keep getting "in the way."

I feel for you!
Music Woman

Anonymous said...

I'm also going thru stuff lately.

I have a big bag that should be bigger, I scribbled across it... collage-making crap. Sounds like I need to start making more art then just collecting stuff for it, eh?

By the way, I have been harrassing my local Congressman lately, seems like the republican representatives of Pennsylvania are NOT going to vote to support solar and wind power in this state unless I drag them kicking and screaming to Congress to vote the way I want them to.

I love Politics.

I have plans to put wind and solar on our house and barn- there is a vote now in place that will severely restrict including solar energy potential in the newest Congressional energy bill. I urge everybody to call or email your local representative to tell them to support all aspects of the Waxman Energy Bill, as there are verbal strangleholds that affect just how much support companies can get when considering a switch to solar.

Also, Lisa, if you have any vintage clothes in size 1 or 2, please consider me, unless you are going to sell the stuff. I guess everything is in black, eh?



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