Tuesday, April 07, 2009

when motivation isn't what's lacking


I was headed to a meeting at the theater yesterday, and bumped into Robb's lawyer. He asked after Robb, and I told him that Robb is going through a difficult period, where he is having more trouble than usual with walking.

Jeremy was visibly dismayed and repeated an offer that he had made to Robb, to accompany him when he goes cycling. Jeremy thought that if he jogged along with Robb, he could help motivate him and help him get better.

While this offer is well-meant, it misses the point.

Firstly, Robb cycles faster than a jogging lawyer.

And secondly, Robb's issues do not stem from lack of motivation. If hard work alone could cure Robb, Robb would be completely recovered, and running marathons in his spare time. Robb works his ass off, trying to improve his physical condition, but one cannot simply force damaged nerves to regenerate.

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