Thursday, April 02, 2009

What we can accomplish in one single day


Do you remember all that scenery that was in our shop yesterday? No? Well, here's what it looked like.

And one day later, it is all packed up ready for transport, and we've finished another shop-full of scenery.

The brown thing in the front of this photo is the ceiling of the cottage. My intern Mike has been in charge of the painting of the cottage, and today he was applying a layer of dust and soot (painted) to the ceiling. We often have to walk on top of pour painted scenery and that invariably leaves behind unwanted dusty boot-prints. Typically, we take off our shoes and pad around on top of our painting in our socks. And you should see how awful all of my work socks look. Every single pair is covered in paint.

Today, Mike wore fun socks that he didn't wish to ruin to work.

Mike is delightfully resourceful.


Anonymous said...

Mike's sock-covers remind me of those booties one might put on to go into a "clean room".

-Mama Bear

Anonymous said...

You should look into a hospital supply company for some of the shoe covers my husband had to wear when our kids were born. Convenient and disposable if they get too full of paint. They'd be safer too because you could keep your shoes on. Of course, if the prices on the hospital bill are any indication, you might not be able to afford them!
Wild Rose

Anonymous said...

Isnt Mike your local blogging "poet dude"?

Hm, seems he's ok when it comes to slingin' around the prose, but is a bit uppity about keeping his socks clean!


Gothknits said...

If my socks didn't have paint on them, how would I match them into pairs?


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