Monday, April 20, 2009

Just another day on the job


This is what happens when I lend my camera to my co-workers.

Not that I encouraged them in any way. Oh no. That would be awfully unprofessional.


Kellyann Brown said...

Sometimes I wish I worked in a "snot free" zone, but that's a 'nother story!

Kay/The Little Foxes said...

My 6 and 9 yo kids were totally grossed out - lol!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those severed fingers and bloody kitchen looks exactly like preparation for the Witch's Kitchen at our school haunted house last year. The severed fingers were very effective, esp. when set in red jello. the gummy eyeballs also worked well.
I heard there is a good recipe for fake blood that is much cheaper than the stuff you buy at Halloween store/theater supply and more realistic than watered down jello.
Care to share YOUR recipe for blood?

Anonymous said...

That finger on the counter would look good in my soup.


Anonymous said...

Graphic scenes of severed digits
Gives me the willies and the fidgets.
Havoc wreaked by pruning shears
Induces nausea and tears.
Its only for effects dramatic
But my disgust is most emphatic.


Kristen said...

heh, i just remembered the "anyone can knit" cartoon of the snake on the wall, complete with "and he had high hopes" written underneath in Sharpie. And the headless chicken that kept living for another ten years. and all the silly things to read in the candy room. I miss Berkeley. It's raining and cold in New York.

Kindly tell Sheri that she is not a starfish--Fingers Are Not Disposable.


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