Saturday, April 25, 2009



Today was a day for clearing out some of the unwanted junk in our lives.

Out went the aspirational trousers. Out went the "what the hell was I thinking" clothes. Out went the too-ugly-even-for-paint-clothes.

The last two times that Robb and I took clothes to a thrift store, we were rewarded with loads of bad attitude. ("Books? Who wants books? "Who reads Shakespeare?")

This time, I decided to take us to small town Alameda, and this turned out to be the right decision. They took all of our stuff, without question, and even thanked us and wished us a nice day.

I'm really happy to be getting rid of my excess baggage. I think this is a holdover from being so poor during and after college. I hang onto "perfectly good" but unwanted things because I feel I'm being wasteful if I throw them away. I hate adding to the amount of junk in the landfill. If I can't use something, I should give it to someone who might be able to. And not throwing a useless item away, just because I'm horrified by the junk in the landfills doesn't do anything productive. It just clutters up my life.


Pockafwye said...

I've been making regular trips to donate stuff to our local Goodwill shop, lately. They are happy to take books, clothes, those oddball mismatched coffee mugs that I'm sure I don't know where they came from.

John and Diane said...

I am majorly inspired to get rid of stuff after moving. I am making a huge garage sale pile and a few bags of stuff will just be free stuff. The clothes are all going to the thrift store though. I can't wait to have a grage sale!
Great pics, as always! ;-)

Anonymous said...

The local stores are happy to get ANYTHING right now- even with all the donations made by well meaning people of foreclosure who have lost their shirts (and everythig else), the local donation shops will take whatever you can give them. I'm giving a shout out now to everyone putting in a garden, plant a row for the hungry, and donate it to the local food bank.

My one neighbor thinks donationing food is a terrible waste of his time and effort, and lets his over grown produce lie unharvested in his gigantic garden, where it rots and attracts varmints. Now he has even more garden problems than before. I would recommend that even to grow an extra tomato plant or extra pot of lettuce would benefit your neighbors, if you can't grow on a scale large enough to help a larger population of people.

I just rented 2 acres of land from a local farmer for the year- $200 for 2 acres with a creek running thru it isn't too shabby, I figure, and plan on growing the bejesus out of everything. Things grow so well here in PA that if we like minded people put out brains together we could feed the world!

Back to the donation theme of your blog, Lisa, Gary has recently gotten into making Cigar Box Guitars, and now all the weird little doo dads I had used in collage-making, and was GOING to throw out- is NOW destined for a future guitar. It's GARY's fault I still have crap all over the place!!!!


Sue KuKu said...

I found 4 French jelly jars in the back of a cupboard. They were the glasses my ex and I used to use. I didn't buy new glasses and dishes until I bought my house.

I didn't need these anymore, I forgot I even had them. I put them in a bag with a glass pumpkin candle holder that I didn't want anymore and put in a box at church for a women's shelter.

I figure the shelter can use the glasses and candle holder or give them away when women are trying to get back on their feet.

A small sack this time but it felt soooooo good.



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