Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Creative Urge


I've been home with some unpleasant sickness that manifests itself as wracking intestinal cramps, and a general lack of energy.

Although I haven't been able to muster the mental sharpness for laying in bed and knitting, I've spent a bit of time meandering around the internet, and have been enjoying Other People's Creativity.

Enjoy, won't you?


Kristen said...

I love the way time-elapsed videography makes everything look so easy and straightforward.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

No joke!

I really can't figure out the paper-mache disemboweling technique.

Anonymous said...

Hey there- Tell me what you know about any local "Plant a row for the hungry campaign" you may have there in California, please?

I'm sorry you are sick. Again. When I was sick overseas with similar problems, I remembered the BRAT diet.

Bananas, rice, apple and toast. and or tea. Injest any salty and sweet foods. And rest. And drink water like mad. Please don't have swine flu, that would suck.

Also, I'm not interesting enough to catch any popular disease, I hope.

The only thing that eventually helped me was a strong course of Ciproflaxacin antibiotics for a whole year- that was Johns Hopkin's treatment/diagnosis for my mystery problem, and it worked, but boy the recovery time took we well into 3 years.

I just learned that Ducks will eat slugs. A flock of ducks would look good in your garden, eh? But not as much fun as flinging slugs over the wall, I bet.

Here's hoping you guys both feel better...

I am mailing you some Pennsylvania fossil ferns (280 million years old- actually about 6 months old if you are a creationist, even though my friends' family's have been digging at this site for like 70 years)- and a t-shirt for Robb from a brewery in Pennsylvania. The brewery, whose name I can't remember, was situated in the hills of a mountain town, and boy o boy, can those former burned out coal miners drink like a total bar's worth in beer in like 10 minutes. (my co-workers and I took the free tour.

A free tour gets you 2 free glasses of fresh brew at the end of the tour--- deep in the 1800's hand hewn caves under the brewery. We left before we got to drink, (as we didnt want to be sloshed as we were driving back in quitting traffic, and I actually had some old guy physically hassle me, demanding that I give him the "custody" of my 2 free beers. As he was a retired Marine, I decided I would not "take him on" as he probably knows more painful armlocks than I do. I scooted on out of there, unmolested and sober. The rest of the tour stayed behind and sucked up everything not nailed down.

They got nothing on artists at an opening featuring an open bar though, eh?

I gotta say, I was most interested in the motorcycle bikers covered with leather, whose jackets were emblazoned with enough hand-sewn patches, that would make an Amish quilting bee seemstress jealous.


Anonymous said...

{..I remembered the BRAT diet...
Bananas, rice, apple and toast. and/or tea}}

Where Lisa lives, we call that the BART diet. Then, no fishing around for tolls.


Kaaren said...

Isabel just asked if the "fish" guy was making a cake. Wonder where she gets that from.


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