Tuesday, March 03, 2009



My father's favorite place to take visitors was the medieval village of Tourtour, which is officially classified as one of the loveliest villages in France. So, today, we spread his ashes at the site of the town's famous view. The sky was beautiful, with rays of light streaming through the clouds. The almond trees, the first trees to bloom in the spring, were full of bees. It was about as nice as it could have been.

Afterwards, we filled up jugs at one of the many village fountains. Although this village is over two thousand feet above sea level, there is abundant water, in the form of springs, waterfalls and fountains. The water my stepmother serves at meals is water from Tourtour.

I found myself thinking about the elements of water and air, as seen in the photographs above, and fire and earth, which it seems to me, relate to my father's ashes.


Grumpy Grinch said...

And ANGELS! Don't forget the angels, like the little one helping you get water....

greg said...

It looks like you couldn't be in a better place today than right there!

The almond trees are flowering here as well, I will think of you (and your father, who I never met) now when we pass an orchard.

Jennifer Carrasco said...

Hi Lisa.....when we had to clear out our parent's basement, we knew it was full of black widow spiders. So my sisters and I sent my son Carlos down to vacumn them up in the shop vac, while we read old letters of my Mother
and Dad and laughed and cried. Carlos dealt with the spiders and we learned a LOT about our parents.

I have been thinking about you all week. It's odd, because we met briefly only once.
When I read your blog I find myself laughing and crying again. You are a brave woman. My sympathy, Jennifer Carrasco

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Lisa-- that you can find beauty in what can also be a very painful day.

Elemental forces are also about energy being released from one form into another.

Thank you for noticing the beauty of nature, and recognizing your Dad's transformation as part of it. You placed him in a good home.

Take care of yourself and your family now.



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