Monday, February 09, 2009


If it seems that the blog has been a bit sporadic lately, it is because there have been a number of things going on that I'm not sure how to talk about.

Almost every one of my immediate co-workers has been dealing with some huge hospital-related event. My married co-workers' twins were born very prematurely, and have been in the intensive care unit for a month and a half. Another co-worker's wife broke her collar-bone and needed surgery. My intern had to have surgery, and my assistant's father was admitted to the hospital.

These are not my distant colleagues. This is the team of people with whom I work every single day.

Of course, this did not happen at a slow time. Oh no. We've been swamped with work, and are trying desperately to balance the huge workload with the Serious Life Stuff that we're in the midst of. Each of these challenges puts more pressure on the team. We just keep "pushing through" but I wonder how much more we can absorb.

Robb and I have had intense head-colds that have lasted more than a week, so I'm at work, propped up on cold medicine and being really, really stupid. Darn that "show must go on" ethic, anyway.

My dad and stepmother made the decision to move him from home to the hospital. I know this is the right decision, but it is really scary.

So, if I owe you a telephone call, or a reply to your email, please understand that I may just not have had the energy. I've been doing only the most necessary tasks. (I even skipped the annual Chinese New Year's Treasure Hunt this year.)


cath said...


Anonymous said...

Just try to sleep, eat and work. In that order, please. Lots of local colds going around here as well.

If your Dad is going into the hospital, he will recieve better care at what ever point he is at, and it will be a huge relief, (physically if not emotionally) for whom ever is there helping to take care of him. Constant professional care will help him to feel better, even if he can't possibly recover.

We are eating our way thru many, many large (20 of them, at around 40 pounds each) pumpkins here. If you were local I'd give you a pumpkin pie. Are you guys eating anough fresh fruits and stuff?

All the cooking helps to heat the house as well. I am planning a massive garden for this year. The seriously bad news reports, and fear of "the looming depression" invokes stories my parents told me about when they were growing up in the 1920's- 30's. This is the year we loose the yard to the garden, I think. I'll think about you guys as I plan the veggie garden this spring.

Things will get better for the both of you. I cant say when, but it WILL happen. If your world goes completely kaput out there in La La California land, you can always come here to Pennsylvania, and we will feed you both pumpkin pie till you puke.


gollygee said...

Sending good karma your way! :)

Gina said...

Don't you worry your pretty little head about any of us out here - we got your back, babe, and whatever you need is yours for the asking. Don't forget that.

Change WILL come. It is the one constant. In the meantime, let us keep the faith for you and take care of only the neccesities.

Hugs and kisses and lots of love,


Ryan said...

So what happens if the show *doesn't* go on? Does the world implode or something?

-- Ryan

Syndee said...

Lisa--my cousin is out by you and she just completed her bachelors in theatre at Dennison University in Ohio (all aspects of stage productions). She had an interview with Pixar (not sure how it went), but theatre is her true love. If you need some help out there, she's looking. She and her mom know who you are through your blog. Just let me know if you need some help there and I can send her your way...

dianesteelequilts said...

Hang in there, Lisa. You possess psychological fortitude like no one else I know and the days will get brighter.
Hugs to you both.

~~Doublesaj--who's feeling guilty for resending that email to you when I didn't get a response. . .

knitica said...

Actually, I really owe you a phone call, but tend to be asleep or on the way to it by the time the ideal East to West coast phone call window opens.

In fact I owe many friends phone calls, so maybe it's just because I'm a jerk.

knitica said...

Oh, and for Ryan, I often got that question from the overhire stitchers at the Santa Fe Opera. It's never happened. I cannot site a single example of a theatre failing to open a show on time because it wasn't done. Lisa may correct me on this, but I believe that even the major flood at the Alley in Houston did not prevent them from starting the next season on time. We just keep working harder and bringing more people in. This is why I get really mad when the "businessmen" on our boards of directors try to dictate to their theatres how we should run as a business. I can't think of a single business that always delivers on time, and always for the price (ticket price) originally quoted.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Our entire scene shop burned to the ground a few years back, and we still opened the next show on time.

If the show doesn't go on, nine hundred angry ticket holders will have a thing or two to say, and I'll be out of a job.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

And, yes, we're eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies.


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