Friday, January 30, 2009

well, THAT was strange


After Robb broke his back, he spent five weeks in a brain-and-spine rehabilitation hospital. There were many times when I had to wait around, outside of his room, pacing around, watering the plants, and re-re-re-reading the posters discussing the symptoms of stroke.

So, when the right half my face went suddenly all pins-and-needlesy today, I did not mess around. I drove back to my studio as carefully as I could, and immediately called the advice nurse service provided by my health plan. I was pretty sure that they would tell me that I was over-reacting, but I wasn't willing to take any chances. Other than the weird tingling of my face, and the bone-weary-exhaustion from this week of work, I felt as healthy as ever.

As much as I was willing to discount the whole thing, the nurse I spoke to did not take my symptoms lightly. In fact, she told me how she had ignored these very same kinds of symptoms herself, had "just gone to bed" and woke up the next morning having had a stroke. She told me to get to the hospital, right away. She also said that she would be thinking especially hopeful thoughts for me.

Sheri drove me to the hospital, and waited around until I got in to see a doctor. Robb showed up just as I was called out of the waiting room.

By that time, my tongue was tingling, as were the backs of my legs, and the bottoms of my feet. But I wasn't experiencing any stroke symptoms. My blood sugar was fine. I was tired, and a bit goofy, but my brain was apparently fine. Maybe I had experienced a tiny fleeting something-or-other on the left side of my brain. If so, my weird little symptoms were the residue of that tiny brain twinge.

They sent me home, and told me to schedule a neurological scan.

My tingling parts just mostly feel dull and heavy right now. There's still a little pins-and-needles. And I'm a bit woozy. Thank goodness that it's the weekend, and I can stay off of ladders for a couple of days.

The technician who did the second blood test joked with me by saying, "You've just had a weird-ish experience." I completely agree with her assessment.


Sheri Hoeger said...


Weirdish to say the least! Glad you are ok and hope you get lots of rest this weekend. Will be thinking about you.

ArtGekko said...

THANK YOU for NOT ignoring these symptoms. I lost the vision in my left eye for about 20 minutes when I was 8 months pregnant. I almost blew it off, but when I called the nurse advice line they told me to "get thee to the ER - NOW!!" Apparently that is one of the signs of preeclampsia. Which they ruled out. Then they thought it was a TIA (transient iscemic attack, which is really fancy for a sort of mini-stroke).

Three days in the hospital, an MRI, and several ultrasounds (of my heart, my carotid artery and, what the heck, the baby [found out it was a boy, which, to this day, my husband doesn't know I knew]) later, they ruled that out.

Eventually they decided it was a weird migraine. They put me on blood thinners for a few weeks just to be sure. I had to self-inject each day. Yuck.

Anyway, so glad you're okay!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds as if you did the right thing by being checked out at the hospital. Now you have earned a good rest this weekend, plenty of fresh air, and relaxation!


Anonymous said...

She also said that she would be thinking especially hopeful thoughts for me.

I like that health plan. That's the kind of value-added service most plans don't provide.

Kristen said...

I'm so glad you got that checked out. The right half of my face went numb once too--but it was after a nutty girl in my biology class flung a chunk of formaldehyde-laced shark brain into my mouth. Stroke was ruled out pretty quickly. Keep us posted on your mental health.

lli said...

whew. Glad it appears to be nothing more than a weird experience, and that you didn't take chances and got it checked out.

Of course, it could have been the aliens just doing a routine scan..

Anonymous said...

Son of a B...

Weirdish is getting mugged by a guy dressed as a space alien on your way to vote- what happened to you is not weirdish- it is a medical thing-a-ma-bob, and I am really glad you went to get checked out.

Once I thought I was having a stroke, and it turns out that drinking a grande super strong black cup of coffee along with eating a large chocolate donught for breakfast- as I was a bicycle messenger in Baltimore city in JULY dodging buses at top speed- for 2 months straight made my body freak out on a caffeine (and probably bus fumes) overdose. Hence, its decafe for me now, thanks.

It almost sounds to me like you are having a reaction to the chemicals you are exposed to at work. Taking it easy if you can every day is good (like when they start adding another 5 hours to the day, right?) and just staying healthy in general is good. Remember you got that Hepititus in your system for about 1 more year, and then it will be GONE.

Later, your body can go back to what ever passes for normal- creeping up on birdies, washing oil off birdies, photographing birdies, etc. See a pattern here? Have Robb make you a cup of tea (decaf ONLY) and just rest up. Skip the biking and hiking for a bit and discover the wonderful world of couch-potato Oprah lovers.


Anonymous said...


I had no idea there were going to be 2 mentions in a row about space aliens.


Better they suck on your brian then mine, Lisa. They would starve if they tried to latch onto mine. Maybe they are using your brain as an energy source, since you are a super powered artist-type chick?


Grumpy Grinch said...

There's an alien sucking my brain.
To my blogmates I'll have to explain.
My skull now is barren
I'm no longer carin'
These limericks drive me insane.

Kath said...

Call me if you find yourself in need of a ride to the hospital this weekend! Scary.

Just4Bees said...

Glad you were wise to be checked and that nothing appears to be seriously wrong. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

I have similiar symptoms all the time Lisa. I'm glad you went to the doctor immediately. They did similiar tests on me, (MRI, CT Scan, Spinal Tap)and finally decided that yes, I'd had a stroke, but the tingling is caused by migraines. I still have them off and on all the time.

I'll be sending good thoughts your way.

Knit Wit said...

Hi, Lisa. Have they done tests for Guillain-Barre syndrome? The reason I ask is that that was the first thing I thought of when you talked about the tingling.

Mama Fox of the Little Foxes posted late last year that her husband had been diagnosed with it.

It probably is just some random medical weirdness but I hope it goes away quickly whatever it is.


yes, just get better soon:)


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