Thursday, January 01, 2009

A New Year


Best wishes to all of our blog readers for a very happy 2009!

Robb and I spent New Year's Eve at home. I'm fighting a cold, and neither of us were up for a big party. Instead, we watched a couple of movies, and enjoyed some locally distilled Absinthe.

I've been re-reading blog posts from 2008, and that (combined, no doubt, with my cold) has made me a bit somber. However, I'm not going to inflict those thoughts on anyone (other than myself) today.


Anonymous said...

Lisa and Robb,
Absolute best wishes for the New Year to you, and I hope our paths may cross even more so than in the past year!

And besides, after a bit of absinthe, it is best NOT to self-impose a sombriety test!


Anonymous said...

All blogs from you and Robb for all of your faithful daily visitors are so welcome and are such a void when missing from our daily search.
Love, Patchogue Visitors

Gina said...

Happy New Year! I believe that somber is, in fact, one of the after-effects of absinthe - nevermind the whole traditional "review the year" thing (wormwood or no) so just go ahead and let it wash over you. . . .you can imagine yourself in one of those great Degas or Oliva paintings!

Hugs and kisses from the two of us here who spent new years in a similar fashion - though Liam watched a Bionicle movie on my computer and I did all the drinking...

And here's to a 2009 full of currently unimagined positive surprises and delights!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! OK, here's a suggestion - when reviewing the past only read the "good" stuff. That way is much more up-lifting. People generally remember the bad stuff more easily anyway, so review the good events.

Here's wishing you both a godd 2009

The Wandering B's
Who won't be wandering your way anytime soon :(

Becky said...

Hooray for another year done. Even though it's an arbitrary time marking, the new year does fill me with equal parts regret and resolve.

Hope you have a winning '09 full of health!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you got a cold for Xmas! Me Too!

What a wonderful season of sharing!

Gary and I drove to Brooklyn and collected Gary's mom for the holidays, and had a good time eating, watching british movies and going thru boxes of Wyoming crap in the barn- stuff I had driven back in a truck thru raging ice storms.

It's good to hear you guys had an enjoyable and low key holiday season, you got to rest up and just be with each other.

It was our first real xmas in the house, maybe next year we will get our act together and actually have time to put up some decorations...

Nice you live in California and you don't have to knock the ice off the birds to enjoy seeing them first. We have the birdfeeder in the backyard really loaded up with corn for them.

PS- Mindful of the fact that the New Year is celebrated with alcoholic concoctions, perhaps next week Gary and I will sample a bottle (we were able to make 4) of the "Dad's Old Vine" wine we made this past year from the vines growing in back of the barn.

Can Robb actually have any wine? We would value his professional opinion, even if he politely tells us to just stop trying to be well-meaning winemakers!

Annalisa and Gary


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