Monday, January 26, 2009

More Wallpaper


The scenery for our current show has been installed onstage. This show features twin turn-tables, to move the set around, and load-in was extremely difficult. Since the carpenters spent so much time putting together this challenging scenery, my painters and I did not get as much time to do our onstage work as I might have wished for.

Oh well. We'll catch up, somehow.

We always do.

(That's my current intern, Mike. I love him. Anyone who can turn the tedious job of removing used masking tape into Performance Art wins a special place in my heart.)


Anonymous said...

A fellow named Mike is my intern.
He's pulling off tape in a pattern.
His flare for dramatics
Makes us his fanatics;
But he's too young to drink at a tavern.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mike, he be a dancin'
Among the art, he be a prancin'
We'll watch and cheer,
Then drink Robb's beer...
When I get drunk, I start romancin'


I was going to try to work in a line there about Charles Manson, but that guy is such a downer.

P.S. Don't mock my poetry- It's bad Karma.

Grumpy Grinch said...

Bad Karma is caused by poem mocking.
Annalisa's last line was so shocking!
She guzzles Robb's beer,
And rhymes like Shakespeare;
Except when creatively blocking.


Anonymous said...

Rhyming like Shakespeare ain't hard-
Neither is downing some brews like the Bard-
Mike, I'm sure would agree-
would bounce me on his knee-
if I were quite drunk and felt horney.

HA! Go one better than THAT, fellow rhymers!


Grumpy Grinch said...

These lim'ricks have old Grumpy blushing;
To keep up with this gal I am rushing.
Her wit is acute
Her wisdom astute
And her double entendres she's pushing.

Anonymous said...

That aint all I'm pushing out here- we got several inches worth of snow and ice at the end of my shovel to push as well!

Gotta go shovel some more!

By the way, let me make clear to anyone from the Pennsylvania State highway commision who may be reading this, that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it when your ignorant snow plow drivers rush past my house at 55 miles an hour, thus flinging snow, ice and subsequent road crap all over my intricately carved 150 year old wooden front porch and windows. If you would invite common sense as well as your fat butt behind your snowplow's wheel, you would keep your vehicle at a moderate speed and not fling a gigantic wave of filth at my Historic and beautifully, meticulously restored Civil War era house, YOU JERKS!

Annalisa (sorry none of that rhymed)

wassamatta_u said...

This lim'rick's about Annalisa,
Who's begging the snowplows to cease a,
Bad habit of splashing -
Her porch they are trashing -
Of her mind they will get quite a piece-a!

Anonymous said...

Hey, about those plow guys-

they'a will'a also get a section of my foot up their you-know-whatta, as well as a peice of my mind!

By the way, this is a heads up to all winterr-bound garden lovers out there-

I am looking up through "the Greening of Detroit" about buying properties for .. gasp.. $1! Yup, you heard me, uno dinero.

There was a bit on the news about Detroit lands and houses being sold for $1 and being overpriced at that. I, as a fellow garden manic, having lived in the frigid environs of Detroit- know how great things grew in that there soil. They grow monsterous plants, let me tell you.

I am planning on making a purchase of lands that I then turn over to the Greening of Detroit to have school kids and community groups plan and build community gardens onto. Anyone else interested? I myself grow food based crops and craft based crops (gourds, etc) in soil too heavily polluted to eat from, here in Pa, and want to expand. I could either- pay 75,000 for an acre here (which I SO do not have), or pay $1 for a plot of vacant land with all former water bills and taxes excused from it. Not bad, eh?

Lisa, I know you are a garden gal, and maybe you would like to have a bit of a city block (or All of it) to have school kids in the city learn to grow food on. Hows that for a nice use of money? Why not start your own bird sanstuary for $1?

I myself am looking towards a permanent community park/garden, where as all other not so interested buyers seem to be only buying houses for $1 so they can rot and be built up upon when ever our Detroit car industry designs something economical, AND it will not be built in Mexico.

Annalisa ( Crazed garden girl) OUT-

missy said...

i get the half numb face when ever i get a migrain. slurred vision, can't think of simple words, my vision looks like i had been looking at the sun too long or been outside on a sunny day and just came indoors.
my fingers on one hand will get numb too. my first one was in 8th grade. if i feel one coming on, i drink lots of caffeine, and it goes away!
i have seen a neurologies, when i was 22, but he refused to scan my brain "if you had something wrong you would have had more problems by NOW"
so yea, weired brain tinges can cause similar problems, but if it happens again to you, don't hesitate to go to the dr again!

missy said...

i guess that went under the wrong header LOL


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