Monday, January 26, 2009



We've not been writing a lot about Robb's condition, lately. There's only so many ways of saying, "Robb is still suffering from paralysis. We remain hopeful for improvements, because he is working his ass off, doing therapeutic exercises that may teach his damaged nerves to resume communications with each other."

Besides, that's hardly the extent of our interests.

Linguine by way of example, is very interested in chomping on fake mice.


Anonymous said...

Your Linguini looks like my Peeve.

Anonymous said...

Your kitty actually looks really scary in that photo!

The cat I brought back from Wyoming FINALLY is getting along with our own little furball of terror. After 1 month of "socialization moments" have occurred, which consisted of lots of sniffing and hissing, the 2 cats have indeed discovered kitty cat bliss, and now sleep together, clean each other, and of course, play together.

This means we dont get much sleep with them leaping all over the bed at night, in their play time during the midnight crazies. We love our 2 cats, but there is a lot to be said for single kitties as well.



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