Friday, January 23, 2009

embarrassing the secret service


There's so much to love about this photo.

Her care in keeping her white dress off of the freight elevator floor (the fact that the President of the United States travels in a freight elevator, for goodness sake), his jacket around her shoulders.

But I really, really, really love how all the Secret Service agents are politely averting their eyes as the President canoodles with his brilliant wife.


Anonymous said...

What a perfectly delightful photo. It's just the two of them and no one else exists in the world. Considering who they are, can you imagine feeling that way? Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

I was blissed out the entire inauguration day, and was equally happy that yesterday Obama repealled the ban on stem cell studies taking place here in the USA.

Maybe they will eventually find sometihing to help Robb. I have read the first 6 to 10 spinal cord injured people have to have been injured 2 weeks prior to any treatment, and then subsequent tests can be made of people injured for longer than that. I believe all the constant work Robb is doing on his back will make him a great candidate for any testing/recovery that will happen when scientists get to his injury.

I wish bush hadn't been such a dinosaur when it comes to using new technologies, as significant time has been lost, hence we all suffered because of Bush's common sense-defying "protecting the soul of the stem cell" made up nonsense mindset. If bush had half as much regard for ACTUAL people as he does for requirements in his fantasy world, things would not have gotten so bad in his time in office.


gollygee said...


Diana Newton said...

except that those stem cells are actual people, sacrificed for technology that hasn't gotten around to looking at the moral and ethical problems with their use.

There are plenty of people, smart, caring and loving, who believe in that "made up nonsense mindset.

Even some who read this blog regularly.

Anonymous said...

Love the photo! Thanks for sharing.

Have to disagree with Diana. Please realize one can get stem cell from various parts of a living body. I personally have harvested fat cells from horses to get stem cells for the healing of injured tendons and ligaments. Extremely minor procedure with dramatic healing results. If they do this or will start doing this in humans, I will be the FIRST to volunteer my fat cells!! LOL
-The Gamecock

Kristen said...

The Gamecock? As in, the student newspaper of the University of South Carolina? Who you is? I'm a former columnist.

Unless that's just a bizarrely coincidental nickname, in which case nevermind.

That is a very cute photo. How did a photographer land a spot in that elevator, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Great photo! Thanks, Lisa! I hope this happy couple can stay as happy throughout the White House gruel. SO much hope for climate change correction, stem cell research and for SCIENCE in general! (though the economy seems to be beyond anyone's ability to fix, I''m impressed with the team he's put togetehr).Even my old dad in VA, the WWII vet could see the educated Obamas were a much betetr deal than war-vet McCain and Palin!

Sally said...

What a great photo, Lisa!! Thanks for sharing it... I, too, have hopes for this new president of ours. And I hope they come out of their experience in the WH as [insert a million adjectives here] a couple as they are going in!

Maple Leaf Red said...

Lisa –

This photo has been in my mind since you posted. I have been trying to figure out what to say to express my feelings. Finally got it!
It is so nice to see a liberated woman act as a lady by accepting the simple gesture from her “guy” & for her “guy” to know she will happily accept the gesture – the coat. And still be so dainty as to be conscientious enough to hold her dress off the floor to be sure her dress does not get soiled.

This picture says ohhh so much about both of them!
Personally, I think each generation will see different things when first glancing at this particular photo… yet the potential for all generations to see the same things exists, as well.

I showed this picture to my boys… as a mom I always look for opportunity for “life lessons”. This was a good one for a mom to share with her boys. Just reinforcing to my boys the simple concept that a lady always likes to be treated like a lady…the offering of a coat; holding the door; “winking” –who doesn’t like to get “winked” at from their special someone from time to time...intimate yet not ; etc. My oldest, aged 16, said, “Yup, Mom I already do that.” Thank you, son, I said to myself! Now, do you not pull bra straps, not burp in faces, not lift arm when you know there is “undesirable odor”, ( I did not get into the whole pulling covers over head stench thing – he is only 16 after all ) etc., then we are definitely on the right track!
Now, the youngest said “Mom, everybody knows that, if they watch the movies!” Yikes, might have to work on reality VS. “movie life” with that son.

I am also thinking, Lisa – a nice pair of knitted sox (those toes look like they could have been cold that night!) would have been welcomed by the First Lady in between Balls…you up to the task for The First Lady’s next outing?

Anonymous said...

Untill I witness a stem cell paying taxes, fighting for parking spaces, paying into social security, going to PTA metings, serving in the military, delivering my mail, etc, etc, etc... It's not a person.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo! Seeing the love between these two makes me even happier about my vote...It makes me believe, even more, that we finally have something I didn't think existed in the White House...a decent politician. Hope time proves me right:)


Sheri said...

I love this photo! I can't get over how wonderful they are together. It's truly beautiful to see.

MaryjoO said...

great photo -- hadn't seen it. Made my day!

Anonymous said...

i love it! Obama is a GREAT GUY !

Anonymous said...

We can only hope for one and done. Soon all will understand the hype and that this guy does not walk on water.


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