Friday, November 21, 2008

Spinal Cord Injuries -- Not Just For Humans


As a way of attempting to combat jet-lag (I'm back in California), I went out for a bike ride with Robb. Robb and I did our regular ride, along the San Francisco Bay Trail, and stopped at the dog park for a coffee break at the Sit and Stay Cafe.

That's where we met TeeBone, who had been parked on by a car, and broke his back. TeeBone was wearing the most incredibly doggy leg braces that allowed him to run all over the place, even though he is partially paralyzed from his spinal cord injury. These were custom made by a company called Ortho Pets in Denver, and give TeeBone support and rage of motion.

Click the triangle on the photo of TeeBone and see him in action. He is one lucky little doggy!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa - glad to know you are back in the land of earthquakes. I had an afternoon off here in Wyoming (took a mental health afternoon) and drove out to the Fossil Cabin here in Wyoming, also got a meal at the Virginian Hotel. (Owen Wister wrote a famous western book here, hence the hotel was named after the book.

Both are great historic western places. My photos here do not rival your photos of Provance, but then again, I saw a cabin made entirely out of fossilized dinosaur kneebones!

Try and beat that, weird goopy tree bark cheese!

If I can get links to these sites in the electronic universe I will send them to you- otherwise these places hold a fond place in my heart and the very lonely, lonely prarie. The wind here is eternal, and technically in January and Feburary is called "a killing wind". Nice and homey, eh?

These two places are 2 1/2 hours from anywhere, and in a town called Medicine Bow, population 247.


Sue KuKu said...

Wow, that dog is amazing! I love how near the end he stopped, panting because he had been running, and suddenly turned and grinned at the camera before taking off again.

Thanks so much for sharing!


Kath said...

Were you there today? I was at the Sit & Stay today with my little dog. Wish I would have seen you.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Actually, we were at the park of Thursday. Friday, I went back to work.


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