Saturday, November 01, 2008



For anyone who cares, here's what I've managed to eat in the last two days:

a pear
part of an apple
a few bites of home made mashed potatoes
a few bites of omelet
lots of water and watered down orange juice

a pear
a few bites of home made apple sauce
a few bites of udon noodles (too much flavor)
a few bites of egg noodles (too much fragrance)
a banana
another pear
lots and lots of water and ginger lime juice with fizzy water

I should be very clear: I usually eat like a horse. I've got one of those hummingbird metabolisms and I'm always hungry.

Except now. I still have no appetite at all. How weird is that?

I also have to say that I have finally come to the conclusion that the mattress I bought when Robb came home from the hospital is just too damned hard. Anytime I spend a lot of time in bed, I end up with sore spots from laying on the hard surface of the mattress. I ended up leaving my own bed, and going to lie on our squooshier couch, because my hips were so uncomfortable. I'm a fairly slim woman, but I was actually hurting myself, laying in bed.

I'm not about to buy another mattress, but does anyone have any thoughts on mattress toppers? Do they offer any comfort? Do they make you overheat? Where do you buy them, anyway?


Resident Squint said...

I can sympathize about mattresses that are too hard and the whole purchase experience being sucky.
The mattress at my MIL's house is too hard and when we visit for a week at a time, my back screams after 3 days. So last year we went and bought a mattress topper at Macy's (the pricey one) and now it's much better. We have a topper at home that we bought from Cosco 5 years ago that's really nice (like tempurpedic) but I haven't seen one like it since. Good Luck!

Syndee said...

I've heard that the tempurpedic (or memory foam) toppers are comfortable and keep your body temp regulated. Depending on the amount of inches you want, the price can vary. I hope you feel better soon.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Robb and I both feel trapped by temperfoam.

"You won't spend your night tossing and turning because you'll feel physically restrained."

Jennifer said...

oh, too bad you don't like temperfoam, we LOVED the foam mattress topper we had on our last mattress..

if you're inclined to reconsider, check out - or they might have other toppers you could try for pretty cheap!

Gina said...

Try one of the foam "egg crate" toppers - I bought mine when I was pregnant and have slept on it ever since. It doesn't make you too hot - I can't STAND feeling constricted in bed! - and helps with those pressure point pains that seem to plague us bonier types in bed.

I hope you feel better soon! You can not afford to be losing any weight!!! Are you certain you've completely recovered from the hepatitis? Have you seen anyone? Are you drinking any sort of nutritional supplement to make sure your body has all the tools it needs to help you heal?

A little worried about you, woman...


Anonymous said...

Your topic "pears" grabbed me, but reading on, wondered if you had ever thought about buying one of those blow up mattresses, that might help, maybe. Just a thought, no proof. No logical explanation for it, either, lol.


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