Saturday, September 06, 2008



We've written a lot about the fundraising ride we did last year, and the one we're preparing for now. And here are those words, in a new form.

Imagine being the parent of a child with disabilities. Maybe you have great insurance, or maybe you don't. Imagine how quickly this child grows, and how often you have to replace all the specially adapted gear your child needs every day. Imagine the how much that must cost.

Imagine wanting to get your child an adaptive bike, which you know won't be cheap, and then think how quickly your child will outgrow that bike.

Now imagine that there's an amazing local library where you can check out a bike for your child.

This place is BORP.

And we're raising money so that they can continue to offer fun, challenging recreational activities to people with disabilities.

Won't you help?


Anonymous said...

Robb and Lisa,
Thanks for making Mom and Dad's anniversary special.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could pay my donations in tomatoes, seriously, I'd give you a hundred every day.

I've lost the kitchen table.



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