Saturday, August 09, 2008


I shamelessly love spectacle, which is why working in theater and opera can be so gratifying for me. And I totally love the no-holds-barred spectacle of the Olympic opening ceremonies. I particularly loved that printmaking was a huge symbol in the opening ceremonies. Love. Love. Love. Say what you will about the Beijing Olympics, the opening show was mind-boggling.

Check out the performers, running around the globe. They each seem to be suspended on their own rigging track. Totally cool. I think that every set designer lighting designer on the planet was drooling over last night's spectacle.

So, can anyone tell me where I can get my hands on a copy of the whole event? Robb and I missed the first half, because we were hanging out with friends after work.

I should also add that I'm also a terrible sucker for the parade of nations. I just love watching the athletes from the tiniest nations, resplendent in traditional clothes. And I loved seeing Natalie Du Toit, carrying the flag for South Africa. (She's the swimmer who lost her leg in 2001, and is competing in the open-water competition.)


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you. I'm not a big sports fan, but I loved the spectacle of the opening ceremonies. I owe my husband a dinner after betting him that the printing blocks were computerized. How could mere humans be that perfect? And I found myself in tears a few times during the parade of nations. Like that one nation in Africa that the comentators said has an average annual income of $150. Just the concept of what it means for an athlete from that kind of a situation to go so far away to represent his country is amazing!

Wild Rose

Kaaren said...

You missed a great drum opening. I tried looking at You Tube for videos. There are tons, but not sure on their order.

Try here:

Anonymous said...

The Opening Ceremonies was fantastic and they are always memorable. I still remember sitting open mouthed watching the Opening Ceremonies in Athens. This one was even better. And, the sweet moment at the end with Yao Ming and the little boy from the earthquake. Sniffle.

Anonymous said...

Various parts of the opening ceremonies are here:

SpringChick said...

Oh, it truly was spectacular! The choreography of the drum opening, the dancing boxes and various other performers, the perfection in their positioning as they moved around in perfect unison was mind-boggling! The printing blocks were really cool and unbelievable! The festivity adn attention to the tiniest details was so far beyond anything I remember in past opening ceremonies. It was truly a feast for the senses... I cannot imagine what it must have been like to be there in person!

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if they served chinese food during the opening ceremonies?


Artistic License said...

huffington post has a video link

Lynne Rutter said...

nbc video highlights here:

you can also buy a dvd-
let's hope with a feature to turn the incessant blathering of the commentators OFF.


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