Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Not the Night Out I had Planned


Robb and I were looking forward to getting together with a high-school pal of his who is in the area, attending a conference. We were going to drag her to the Musee Mecanique, and then go out to dinner.

But Robb just wasn't feeling well enough. Every spinal cord injury has a urological aspect, and Robb gets violently ill from infections. This is actually one of the greatest risks to his health. He's been sick with this infection, and his body also can't seem to shake off the lingering cold that we've both had. He's coughing all the time.

So, no night out in San Francisco for us. I was really sad that Robb wasn't feeling well enough for socializing, but I'm always able to adapt to what life throws my way.

Instead of going across the bay to San Francisco, I wandered down the street to the Annual "Night Out" neighborhood block party. I had a lovely time chatting with my neighbors, who included a philosophy student, a hospice worker, a bunch of firemen, and a guy who restores vintage cars in his garage (he's got a pair of immaculate mid 30's Packards and a 1964 or 1965 Mustang). The firemen were driving their big red truck around from block party to block party (they were scheduled to attend eighteen parties), but the newly restored Packard really stole the show.

As for tonight, well, there's more than one way to have fun, and the things you plan the least have a funny way of being unexpectedly delightful.


Music Woman said...

I'm sorry that Robb's not well. I'll give this virtual hug and hope he gets well soon!

As for the Packards, I was on 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach many years back, and found a Packard Club doing a drive. They had stopped at the same overlook as I did, and I got permissions to take some pics of the cars. I sent them copies of them (many lived in the Salinas area) once I got home, and they loved them!

Edmund said...

My parents had a 1937 Packard and that was the first car I remember that had heating, radio and other bells and whistles. As a young kid I loved it and has been one of my favorite cars ever since.


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