Thursday, July 03, 2008

How Low Can You Go?


We are in the middle of period of exceptionally low tides (four feet lower than usual), so needless to say, we begged our Flickr friend Minette to take us out to see tidal life in Seattle. She brought us to her favorite spot, under a ferry dock. And she loaned us chest-waders. What a darling!

We were not disappointed.

The types of sea life that we saw was so different than what we've gotten used to in California. We saw gigantic anemones.

Tiny anemones.

Colorful sea slugs. (That's nudibranchs, for you scientific types).

And some of the Pacific Northwest's famous gigantic clams. They really can squirt you in the face, if you're not careful. That's the business end of a gigantic clam.

Robb did amazingly well, using his trekking poles, and stepping carefully to avoid treading on creatures. And then we came back to the hotel, and he passed out from exhaustion.


dorks anonymous said...

Glad to see you in these cooler waters...with beautiful photos to boot. I know Tonx is scheming to see you (well, more like strongly suspect). Enjoy your time, and take great pictures!

leslie Radin said...

I took a marine science class in high school... and basically obsessed over northwest invertebrates for a year. Glad you get to see them - they are so cool!


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