Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Don't Count Your Chickens


Robb had a long-scheduled doctor's appointment today, at one of the many many medical clinics associated with Stanford University. But he was so sick that I took time off from work and drove him to his appointment.

It's the weirdest thing. Robb is really, really sick. He goes through horrible, feverish bouts of tooth-chattering shivering or miserable overheating. But his body temperature reads as normal. None of the doctors that he's seen seem particularly alarmed by this. It's freaking me out. I've never seen a fever (or whatever Robb has) last for three days. He's on antibiotics, and they say he'll be better in seven days.

I'm not writing a whole lot because all of Robb's shivering, panting and thrashing doesn't add up to a decent night of sleep for either of us. Some time in the middle of the night, I gave up on trying to sleep in our bedroom, and decamped to the couch. I'm tired.

One thing that's keeping me smiling is the thought of my ever-delightful sister who has embarked into the world of Urban Animal Husbandry. (And no, all you smarty-pants....I'm not talking trash about her family.) My sister is now the proud keeper of a small flock of chickens, which will reside in her backyard in Brooklyn. And one of them will grow up to look like this:


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure anyone knows how to respond to this picture, so I will: huh????

Hope Robb is over the hump now and on the road to good health!


Martha said...

Your crazy sister here. Actually I decided on a slightly different wacky chicken. You can see a photo here:

I hope Robb feels better. That is so weird that he doesn't show as having a fever.

Gramatrick said...

My good friend has pet chickens here in Houston (not exactly legal). They make great eggs and her 6 year old loves his friends.

They just have to be put up at night so the raccoons don't get them. One night she was late coming home, and the chickens were on top of the back porch light protecting themselves.

gollygee said...

Wow, those are some amazing chickens!

I'd be freaked out about the fever thing too if it was my fiance feeling like that... How nervewracking! Fingers crossed that he'll be feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the egg of that wacky chicken will taste

Anonymous said...

I have a chicken joke for you-

This one farmer decided that his older cock of many years had to be replaced with a younger one. So he goes out and gets one who thinks an awful lot of itself.

The first day of the new arrival, the two cocks are talking over the situation. The older one says to the newer one, why dont I just give over to you 15 of the 20 hens, that way I wont be going without, if you know what I mean. The younger cock says to the older cock, "Don't be silly old man, I'm the new one in the hen house and you can hit the road!"

To which the older cock says to the younger one, "Let me prove to you I'm not so old after all. Lets have ourselves a race around the hen house at 12 noon sharp today. If you win I absolutely will give up and go away forever. But all I ask you is to give me a 10 foot head start."

The younger chicken thinks about this and says "It's a deal" I can run circles around you and you know it. It's a risk I'll take. The race is on."

So precisely at 12 noon that day the two cocks take off running, with the older one with the aforementioned 10 foot lead. Unbeknownest to the younger cock, this is exactly when the farmer comes out to collect the eggs! The farmer comes out to the henhouse and sees the 2 cocks running, with the younger one chasing the older one very aggressively.

The farmer stands in amazement and says to himself " By golly! I got to sell off that new rooster right quick! That makes the third gay rooster I've bought this week!"

PS- My Pennsylvania Dutch neighbors told me that one, I had to clean it up a little!


sarcasmo said...

Has anyone verified that his pharmaceutical cocktail is not reacting with his antibiotic? A pharmacist would be a good place to start. I hope he does better soon!

A/Q Sarcasmo

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... that looks like a surgically enhanced chicken from Orange County....he obviously comes from money...

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Thanks for the good question Sarcasmo.

Robb always checks that he's not about to create a Troublesome Cocktail, with all of his medications.


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