Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Sheri and I spotted this fine fellow as we were leaving the beach on Tuesday morning. She shot the photo of the crab in his fighting stance.

Lined Shore Crabs are feisty. John, my expert on all things tide-pool, tells me that their claws can slice through clothes like a hot knife cutting butter. He was horrified to see my photo of someone (not us) holding this crab.

Robb and I had seen one of these a few weeks back on the day we spotted the bobcat. We were really amused by the way the crab kept trying to hide under my boots. Clearly the crab mind didn't make the connection between the huge scary humans and their footwear. And, frankly, I'm glad that the crab was scooting around under my feet and not Robb's. Robb might have lost his balance, and I might not have been able to stop myself from laughing.

I'm a terrible person.

Tuesday's crab sought refuge under my beach bag. Multi-legged arthropod beasties have to look out for one another!


Anonymous said...

Amazing, adorable and so fierce!!!

Fluffy Cow

Anonymous said...

Heeeeeey, heeeey, heeey, heeeey! I think these must have been American cousins to the guys with the bit parts in Finding Nemo, I can just see them mouthing off in the same way! Gad XX

cath said...

You must be the same kind of terrible person as my MIL. At a family funeral, another family member fell walking down the church steps--bloody nose and everything. My MIL was laughing so hard she could hardly breath. Bloody noses at funerals--pinchy crabs--some things are just funny.

Anonymous said...

As Homer Simpson would say...

Mmmmm.... Crab.

Take a little Old Bay with you next time you go to the beach and maybe you'll have your dinner follow you home, eh?



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