Friday, May 09, 2008

That Gawky Teenage Phase


I think my recovery has entered its gawky teenage phase. I've been fairly clumsy up to now, what with the medications and poor balance, but lately my ineptitude is soaring to new heights.

This morning in the kitchen I started losing my balance and deposited a heaping tablespoon of coffee grounds neatly on the floor in front of me. I tried to save it and spilled the sugar. (I later discovered most of it went in my left shoe).

Yesterday, while brewing beer, the sound of "clatter, clatter, BANG, damn!" emanated from the kitchen so often, I'm surprised Lisa offered to help every single time. But she did.

Two days ago saw the sort of clumsy display you just have to embrace for all its accidental choreographic splendor. I was picking up a bag of groceries when it tipped over and spilled out on the floor. Unfortunately, I was in mid-step and a box of oatmeal rolled under my foot as I put it down. I didn't feel it under my foot and wasn't aware of it until a moment later when the box burst and shot oatmeal across the room. I was so startled, I jumped back and knocked over the other bag.

Sometimes, you just have to laugh. Other times, you huff and puff and go find a broom, and then much later, laugh.


Anonymous said...

I joke that one of the orginal reasons I initially got a dog was to clean up the messes on the floor. Now I have 3 dogs. Does that give you an idea of how clumsy I am?? lol

The Gillespie Tribe said...

... and sometimes you just have to post your stories so all your friends can laugh with you =o)

I don't have an excuse for my clumsiness so I keep blaming the wind. "Honey, did you feel that? That freak wind just came and knocked the sugar right out of my hands!" "But we are inside" "I Know, freaky isn't it?"


shiloh said...

So what kind of beer were you brewing?

(Shiloh askes while pointing and laughing at Robb)


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