Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Singing the Same Song, Over and Over Again?


Lately, I've been having a hard time finding much to write about.

"Dear Diary: Robb is still paralyzed. He still works in the pool and rides his trike for therapy, every single week day. We continue to hope for small improvements. We try to keep a good attitude, and hope for the best."

I could pretty much write that every single day.


zorlack said...

This photo/post reminds me of the "Yelling Bird" that goes up at Questionable Content whenever the day's comic isn't ready yet.

It's a sort of screaming meta-bird!

Anonymous said...

I think most people would write the same entry over and over, just with a different issue. We all find ourselves in a position of wanting something more, or at least different. The beauty of life is found in the moment.
Celebrating my 13th Anniversary today, I find more joy in a kiss today, than in the experience of the past years.
I wish you the peace and happiness of today!

Fluffy Cow

Pica said...

Yes. And yet:

The song changes, because we change, or our perceptions change.

It. Is. Still. Worth. Singing.

Becky said...

Oh, I care not if it's the same old song.. I love repetition! I'm here, happy to see birdies and hear news (or non-news) and ogle bicycles and knitting and whatever else passes through the RobbBlog! Good wishes to you both!

Kristen said...

Hey Lisa

Dahlink, i've just been to the Theatah, and it was just Fabulous. Passing Strange has matured like a fine wine. Stew sorta recognized me too when my sister and I were invited backstage. (turned out rachel was LD on a show on Saturday that starred Stew's assistant, and she went to uni with Becca from the show. Who knew?) Anyway, the way they worked out the end rounds it off much better than in Berkeley. and they still do the shout-out (amsterdam makes Berkeley look like the bible belt!) Anyway. i didn't know if you'd seen it or not, but i hearted it.

and Zorlack, i thought it looked like the QC yelling bird too!


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