Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Pinnacle (or Nadir) of Letterboxing


Today we went to a wonderful letterboxing event. Since letterboxing tends to be a fairly solitary hobby (you're looking for tiny hidden artworks, and trying to not let curious passers-by in on the secret), it is always fun to engage in this activity with a large group of like-minded people.

As we often do, we decided to cycle at this event, but there were a lot of spots we really couldn't get to, due either to the roughness or steepness of the terrain. But because we were out with friends, they obligingly helped us retrieve any hidden treasures that Robb was unable to reach.

Normally, this sort of retrieval techniques is dismissed as "slack boxing." The slacker follows behind and scoops up the booty retrieved by others. We broke new ground in slack boxing today. Because Robb was so exhausted, he adjourned to our station wagon, and had a little lie-down in the back. The rest of our group eventually met up with him, and Robb made prints of the stamps they had brought with him, while laying flat on his back.

Robb cannot be content with run-of-the-mill slacking. No. He has brought slackiness to new highs. Or lows.

While I'm pretty happy with the photos I get of plants and animals (and do click on the butterflies to see more details), I can't seem to do much with people.

So, we'll share a link to photos that were taken as part of Robb's Say Cheese Letterbox. Click here.


Anonymous said...

I love these moth photos. Have you ever cut up your pix and created mosaics with your very colorful subjects? I be you'd sell those for $$$.

Kay/The Little Foxes said...

Oh, it's not slacker letterboxing - it's a form of letterboxing that shows the true generosity of letterboxers!! At a recent event, some boxers kindly retrieved a box for me because my daughter was asleep in the car, so I wouldn't have to carry her up the hill (or abandon her in the car!! ;-)). It was one of the pieces of a 11 piece event stamp, and my only boxing goal for the day was to get all 11 boxes (and I was successful!). So it's not about slacking, it's about friendship. You and Robb will look at those stamps and remember the circumstances with a smile. Sounds like you all had a good day, thanks for sharing!

MommaWriter said...

Thanks so much for all the photos! I'm going to make it to the pinnacle (or nadir) of letterboxing one of these days, but this weekend was sadly not going to be it since it was already largely devoted to kindergartener baseball. I loved seeing photos of some of those people I've come to know in that creepy sort of "I've seen your AtlasQuest profile" way!

Love the butterfly photos too. They're terrific. Looks like it was an awesome day...and if it's just one of those days when "real" letterboxing is too challenging for Robb, I say "slacker letterboxing" is not only not slacking, but perfectly acceptable! : 0

WyndRyders #2

Anonymous said...

Some folks will do just about anything to see you wield that terrific camera! Robb is a great and enthusiastic spotter. What a team.

Grumpy Grinch

Anonymous said...

Robb, everytime I saw you you were moving right along on that bike pretty wonder you were tired! jane

ellen said...

I wonder if the reason it's harder to get satisfying pictures of people might be that while the camera shows exactly what's in front of it, we mentally edit the faces of our friends so the "bare facts" picture does not look much like them to our eyes. As always, lovely pictures.

Kenzie said...

Oh, My gosh how did you get such beautiful pics? I am so jealous!


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