Tuesday, April 22, 2008

When We Grow Up, We Will Be Dignified and Fierce


But right now, we are goofy-looking, cross-eyed, and we have mouse-blood milk-moustaches. (Click on this photo for a larger view. If you are like me, it will make you snort with laughter.)

Here is one of the parents, watching the photographers, watching the babies. Some animal parents leave their offspring to fend for themselves, and some, like these owls, devote a lot of effort to raising their young, and teaching them everything they'll need to know to be successful on their own. Here's an interesting article on Wikipedia.


ArtGekko said...

*snort* indeed! :D

"Who - Me? I didn't take the last mouse, Mom, I swear! I wasn't even NEAR the mouse jar! I PROMISE I wasn't!

"What? Oh. That? Um. Jelly?"

Martha said...

I guess our mother would fall into the first category of parenting.

fauxsum@hotmail.com said...

Hmmmm not sure about all this snorting!

Laughter? Ok! I'll let it go, just this once :-)

As to title of this posting: "That'll be the day!"

snort ™


gollygee said...

Oh they are so adorable!!! The little eyes peeking out from the puffy feathers, it's just so precious! And what a dignified parent owl. Just beautiful!!! :)

Anonymous said...

jeepers creepers, where'd they get those peepers
they do look goofy and awkward!

Anonymous said...

God those are cute!

Who doesn't sport a mouse blood mustache at one point in their life, eh?

I think that when a mother animal sits by the babies, they are both watchful and proudly showing off their offspring. I don't know if that is the truth, but that's the impression I get. Odd how the baby animals are generally better behaved around another species than humans are, eh? Both adult and youthful.

Once I nearly smacked a kid in the head (on purpose) for trying to throw an empty soda can at nesting baby cranes in Michigan. One day that kid will grow up to have it's eyes pecked out by birds I bet. I call that karmic justice!



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