Sunday, April 06, 2008



It has been extremely windy in the Bay Area, which is no good for cycling. Because of this, Robb and I have been walking more when we are out-and-about.

The weird thing is how much harder walking is for Robb, compared to cycling. He and I were out in a park in Point Richmond, and we were returning to the car. He was really struggling, and dragging his feet along the pavement.

And then -- suddenly -- it was like he had flipped a switch inside himself, and he started walking quickly and with much more coordination. I asked him what had just happened, and he said that this kind of walking takes a particular kind of concentration, where instead of focusing on what he can't do, he re-directs his energies and harnesses what he can.

The difference is dramatic. He really walks quite well, when he concentrates this way.

But, sadly, this method of walking is not sustainable. His muscles quickly lose strength, and go into painful spasms.

Well, it's nice while it lasts.

Like these birds? They are Caspian Terns, the largest tern in the world. I think the bird on the top picture looks like he's concentrating on his feet, just like Robb.


shiloh said...

So does this 'forced walking' help with the nerve regeneration? If so then it seems it would be worth it.

Steve, Christa & Emily said...

Seems like an interesting commentary on how to live life, focus on what you can do instead of what you can't. Hope the wind dies down so you can get biking again, here in Chicago the wind is ever present.


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