Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In Support of California's Marine Life


Readers of this blog know how much Robb and I value the natural world, and in particular the amazing band of life that exists where the ocean meets the land.

So, we would like to ask our readers to take a moment to drop an email to protect the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, the site of one of the California's most unique ecosystems. This is our favorite spot when we want to see tidepools and new-born baby seals (click these links, they are really awesome), it is where we go if we want a dose of "wild."

Many, many letters have been written from the other point of view, which would open part of this (currently) protected shoreline to recreational fishing. We feel that this would have a seriously negative impact on the unique and fragile place.

Please, click this link, and give your support to the continued protection of California's coast.

On a personal note, Fitzgerald is one of our "special places" where we take out-of-town visitors when we want to share California's incredible biodiversity. Let's not allow it to be compromised.

Please do this TODAY. The deadline for public comment is April 17th. Not sure what to write? Here's a link to a sample letter. Not from California? Write anyway!

These two photos show some of the amazing sea anemones that live in the tidepools in the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.


JAM said...

WooT! Go Lisa! The baby seals thank you!

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Did you look at those photos????

Man oh man oh man...what could be cuter?

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

oh duh....I just figured out that you *took* those photos! So difficult to tell who people are, online, sometimes!

MommaWriter said...

Awesome photos! Can I tell you how tempted I was to write a letter that said "Please protect the Fitzgerald Marine Park because I've never been there and I want it to be just as cool when I get around to visiting?" I wasn't sure that'd make the right statement though, so I stuck with something a lot closer to the sample letter.

Thanks for the links!
(aka. Sr. WyndRyder)

Ingrid said...

Those are great photos! There was an article in national geographic a little while ago about Leigh Marine REserve in New Zealand...about how initially the locals were angry that it was off limits to fishing....until the fishing around ther reserve got really good and the tourists came to visit the reserve bringing their money....

Anonymous said...

support letter = done! thanks for the links!

-Mel B in b'more

Anonymous said...

Sent the email - thanks for the information.

I just caught up on your last several posts - wanted to let you know that despite frequently lurking without comment, I always appreciate your blog, love your photos & am particularly fond of the name "We've brought you here to kill you" park.

- spencer from ravelry


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