Monday, April 07, 2008



Because so few of our readers ever leave comments, we are left with the impression we are talking to ourselves like a couple of crazy people.

This is a very uncomfortable sensation, indeed.

Leaving a comment is easy! Click on the word "comments" at the bottom of this paragraph, and write something. You don't need a special password. Just select the box that says anonymous, but do sign your name. We would love to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

Aloha Lisa and Rob! I love reading your blog. You always have such insightful and interesting comments. Your photos are beautiful. I am glad to hear you are guys are getting out often seeing the sights. (especially the birds)! I hope you never loose your infectious curiosity! -Julie

Anonymous said...

You're right... comments are a wonderful thing, and I must say that even though I NEVER EVER miss a blog post, I don;t comment as often as I should. I love the pictures, and I learn so much from your journeys, both bicyclical and medical. Is bicyclical a word? well it SHOULD be!

Your fan,

Anonymous said...

Well, see, I can be taught! Love your blog and seeing things through your eyes that I never would have been able to otherwise. These birds are just amazing - I've put a bird book for Hong Kong on my list to acquire next time I'm at a book shop. Would be nice to be able to recognize the ones around here.
The Wanderins B's

Edmund said...

I read your excellent blog DAILY, Your photos are outstanding. You must have a great telephoto lens to get them this close.

Let me complain too, you never leave comments on my blog. I would be interested what you think about it.


Anonymous said...

I too am a daily reader of your blog. I just marvel at how you guys are coping with Robb's condition. I'm not sure that I would have the strength to cope with what you've coped with in the last two years.

I applaud you!
Music Woman

Anonymous said...

Your blog through AQ is part of my daily routine as I'm sipping my morning coffee or relaxing at the computer before I go to bed. I rarely say anything because my thoughts are often boring, even to myself! I'll make a point of leaving something here and there so you know I'm on the end. Thanks for the ongoing visual marvels you provide and showing me what "hope" really looks like!

Anonymous said...

WE love your blog and photos too! My preteen daughters followed your account of the oil spill closely and my 11 year old loves your pictures. She is an aspiring photographer herself!
The Vs

Anonymous said...

Oh, I definitely read when I get the chance. In fact, I don't miss an entry because I have you on Google Reader. :)

I particularly loved the post about your father. My husband grew up in Hungary, so it was interesting to read.


Paul said...

Good Morning!

I'm PaulDavid on Ravelry, and I started reading your blog after reading your posts there, and checking out your theatre set pics on flickr. You're very talented, and thank you for sharing so much of your theatre work. IT's awesome.

Marcie said...

Hi, it's brewersblackbird from Ravelry! Is that a scrub jay? As I said before, I'm completely envious of your pictures AND your writing voice.

I'm trying to add you to my RSS feed, but My Yahoo is being wonky with me. Also, I remember driving by that nursery in the mid-'90s when I lived in Fremont. I had no idea it is/was a state park!

Anonymous said...

Guilty! I'm a regular lurker from AtlasQuest. I look forward to reading of Robb's progress and seeing your bird and scenery photos. I will try to be better about the comment thing.*g* ~Donna (Temput Fugit)

Anonymous said...

I read all your entries but don't always comment. Sometimes I feel like I don't have much to add to what's already been said.

I did notice that you added "The Nine Tailors" to your reading list several weeks ago and now it's off. Wondering what you thought of it.

Knit Wit

Gina said...

Oh, the irony! Look at what I just did before coming over here for my daily Lisa and Robb check:

Silence can seem so loud sometimes, can't it? I'll try and bump up my comment quotient here -- I find when I have something truly deep or long to say (like sharing with you the story of spending the day with an Austrian survivor about the same age as your Dad, Lisa) that I tend to procrastinate for fear of not getting it right or taking up too much comment space. Thus, you often only hear my silly little "woohoo"s! But they are heartfult woohoos!



Anonymous said...

After I read the blog about Rob walking and then I read the one and only reply I wondered to myself what you two must think when you receive so few replies. Could you be thinking..."no one is reading them?" or "no one likes them?" or maybe "nobody wants to reply because they don't know what to say?"...
Well, it can't be that nobody reads them. I'm sure you know everyone logs on to see your pictures and read your blogs. And how could anybody not love those pictures that you post?...So, I fit into that last catagory.
I didn't feel as though what I had to say would be worth commenting on your beautiful pictures and I don't know enough about medical issues to feel comfortable commenting on Rob's recovery, other than to wish him the best.
So I guess I learned a lesson here. I can say something and you will read it...and even if it is just to tell you how beautiful your pictures are or Rob, I hope you're doing better today and each time you take a step, think about those people that never will, and smile that you can.
So, keep blogging, and I (we) will all work on our comments...
-jane- (patroln)

gollygee said...

I TOTALLY understand the need for comments from people! My blog gets very few comments as well, yet most of my friends assure me they read it. But without a comment, there's no proof! :) I love your blog, especially the bird photos (especially if the birds are owls :D)! And I find it fascinating to learn about Rob's recovery. I really hope to meet both of you in person someday! Keep on blogging! :)

Anonymous said...

Robb and Lisa, OK, I'm guilty...I lurk. But I read every post! I have seen beautiful photography, and learned so very much about what happens with wildlife in an oil spill, how to make fake dead looking grass, and what someone really goes through when they have an accident like Robb's. But more than that, I have learned about how to really love and support someone, no matter what. I always figured you don't know me from Adam, so why would you want to hear my thoughts about what you said? Besides, I'm a newbie to blogging and just old enough to be intimidated by technology. But know that you're not sending messages into a black hole. You're making a difference!
=) Wild Rose

Anonymous said...

Just one more comment...I would like to apologize for the spelling of Robb's name (I spelled it with only one B all the way through my other post.) -jane- (patroln)

Anonymous said...

I read your blog faithfully as well. I comment sometimes, but not often. The rescuing of the birds from Oil Spill was fascinating to me. As a matter a fact I will soon be starting a single postal for those who have done a "Good Deed" for the day. I am hoping I can persuade you to accept it & stamp in real quick & pass it on. Just need to get the log book done.

Take Care.
Maple Leaf Red

Steve, Christa & Emily said...

I too read every post, and feel that I don't have any clever or insightful things to add. I know how nice it is to get comments and will try to say more.

cath said...

The birds are lovely--do you ever post any knitting?? :)

lli said...

I'm convinced that some of the most remarkable writing on the net is right here. And I am always oohing and ahhing at the bird photos.


Martha said...

Well that got a response from everyone. I think that we all forget our "nettiquette" sometimes. I always check in w/ you two. Sometimes makes me forget to call you because I feel so in touch.

your lil sis

Gothknits said... sucking up energy. Reading is all I can do these days (hence no posts on mine)

Miss you guys tons.

Cori said...

Hi Lisa and Robb,
I don't know why I never comment, because I always read. Please consider this my official de-lurking.

Give us a holler when you're in Alameda, Cole is always up for a stroll and he's a huge fan of bugs and small animals.
- Cori

MommaWriter said...

Hi Lisa and Robb,

I think I found your blog just about the same time I found the first of your letterboxes over in Fremont a few weeks ago, so I'm a relatively new lurker. Of course, I shouldn't use that as my excuse for not commenting. It is nice to have people "prove" that they're reading by submitting a comment, even if it only says "Great picture!" Of course, it'd be kind of dull for me to say that about every post. And I could! I don't get many comments either, so I totally empathize.

Now that I know you're also bird people (I also used to be a bird rehabber in my previous life, although never related to oil spills!), I'll be sure to check back more often. Gotta go add a bookmark!

Stacey (one of the elder WyndRyders)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for explaining how to leave a comment. I've wanted to a few times, but got scared by this page I am on now. You've probably opened up a can of worms by explaining it to so many'll have more comments than you'll know what to do with.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures!
SJ Honey Bunny
(gently reminding you to come on down to Alum Rock Park, as requested by you. LOL)

Q said...

I'm a lurker, mostly, but thought I'd let you know I do read just about every post, I love your photography and adventures, and follow with interest Robb's spinal cord journey. Also, Lisa, I ran into you on Ravelry recently, so between letterboxing, knitting, cats, theater, and nature, we have much in common.

Anyway, keep up the good work, and I'll try to comment more :)

*engages cloaking device*

Pica said...

One more, chiming in.


Keep on finding wood ducks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lisa and Robb,
I hope I might run into you guys one day on a walk around Lake Merit or something (Article Pract, perhaps?)

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa and Robb,
Happy April 8th! April 8th is an important date for me, because 15 years ago on this day, I fell four floors from the ledge outside my dorm room window and broke my back. And 15 years later, this date is full of emotions for me.

A few months(?) ago, Robb posted on the anniversary of his accident, and it was obvious that the anniversary of his accident is not a pleasant date for him. My recovery was not nearly as painful or slow as Robb's. I got two metal rods fused into my back, wore a back brace for the better part of a year, and returned to school three months after The Accident. I still have occassional "bad days", but they are few and far between. I was so, so, so, so lucky. And on the one-year anniversary of my accident, I celebrated with a huge dance/performance called "Celebration of Life" in the theater of my dorm. I got a bunch of wonderful dancers and non-dancers together and we danced to poems and quotes and songs and orchestral pieces. We laughed, we cried, we rejoiced in all the good things in our lives, and I celebrated the fact that on that day I DIDN'T die - I lived.

15 years later, I am able to view the anniversary of my accident as an anniversary of the day I lived. I usually shed a few tears over the things I can't do anymore (do ballet, touch my toes, lift heavy stuff, be as fearless as I once was). But I also remember how lucky I was.

And this year, I'm also thinking of the two of you. I am a devoted reader of this blog. I don't know what any of the birds are, but I feel such empathy for Robb and what he is going through. Honestly, his experience has been 100 times worse than mine. But on this April 8th, I hope that one day, on Robb's anniversary, he will feel well enough to also be able to celebrate how lucky he is (and everyone in his life is) that he got a chance to stick around.

Happy April 8th, everyone,
Jennifer (Mama Bear of 3Bears)

"Be glad of life because it gives you a chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars." -- Henry VanDyke

Mariette said...

Guilty as charged!

I read your blog every time it comes up on AQ, and share Robb's inspirational progress with our family, your amazing photos with my photography student kid (AfghanPenguin), and your behind-the-scenes stagecraft with my acting kid (Lucky Charm).

I never comment, because you have absolutely no idea who on earth I am, and it seems kind of weird to reply to someone to whom I am an unknown stranger.

So you guys have one more anonymous internet fan.

(dbltall from AQ)

Anonymous said...

From the response, it's obvious that there are a LOT of lurkers out there who read your blog very day, me included.

I share Martha's feeling of being connected, so I thought I'd tell you story that Diana told me about something that happened when she was recovering from one of her more spectacular accidents (hit from behind at about 45 mph while walking along the side of the road and sailing through the air for about 15 feet, landing facedown ....Lisa I know you can relate to that one!). Among many other things, she lost all sensation in her face, and had to fake it when singing, which was weird. As time went on, she started getting feeling back, but it was terribly terribly painful. So the pain you're suffering, Robb, may indeed be a positive precurser of good things to come. We both hope so.


Aunt Terro said...

Hi Lisa and Robb,

Every so often I read your blogg to see how Robb is doing. I am very impressed by Robb being able to always go forward and have a good attitude. You are lucky to have each other and I think without knowing you Lisa from what you write I think you are a wonderful person. Miracles do happen.
God bless
Aunt Terri

Kristin aka kjnohr aka Trekkie Gal said...

Ok, so I am about a week behind, but here is another comment for you. ;) I also it when people post comments so that I know I am not talking to myself.


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