Saturday, March 08, 2008

Cranky Pants


While I think that Robb and I have showed remarkable patience in dealing with our various challenges (and, yes, I do know that a spinal cord injury is way worse than hepatitis), we do get fed up and frustrated from time to time. Unfortunately, we both were feeling that way yesterday, which made for a very crabby day.

Robb was having a bad day, and I was feeling wildly nauseous, and we were mis-directing our frustrations at each other. We had gone out letterboxing, and when we didn't immediately find what we were looking for, the squabbling began. And somehow, neither of us had the self control to stop it.

I'm not proud of this, but I will note that it is a rare day that we behave in this manner. Robb is a model of patience and good attitude. Sometime I wonder where all of that positive energy comes from. If I were in his shoes, I suspect I wouldn't face the world with the grace that Robb does.

Thankfully, we were doing something that we both enjoy, the weather was beautiful, and we found ourselves in parts of Alameda that we had never visited before. The "Park that Time Forgot" was home to more hummingbirds than I'd ever seen in one place. This little girl seemed to be collecting cobwebs. Hummingbirds' nests are tiny bowls made of cobwebs and lichen. The nests seem barely large enough to hold momma hummer's rear end, and when the tiny eggs hatch, it is a very tight squeeze.

A few springs back, a hummingbird made her nest next to an exterior staircase at the theater, and it was our great pleasure to watch her raise her young. The day after the babies fledged, one of my co-workers found one of them huddled miserably on the ground in the pouring rain. I picked it up carefully (it weighed nothing) and set it on a sheltered branch in a nearby bush, and a few hours later it had flown off, never to be seen again.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, As always beautiful pictures.
You guys are facing some tough trails and are only human. Squabbles to happen from time to time but you both are mature enough to overcome. Some people who have done what you guys are doing would not have lasted half as long.
Here's to you both feeling better .


Kaaren said...

Love the first picture. My MIL would be in Heaven at that park.

Anonymous said...

How about sending some of those hummingbirds over to my place to collect some (ahem, a substantial amount) of cobwebs that are awaiting a real honest to goodness spring cleaning! I could use some help, and hopefully the hummingbirds are faster than our cat!



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