Saturday, February 16, 2008



I think I'm finally beginning to recover from hepatitis. Three months of nausea and organ-cramping has been no fun. This past week, I actually had three days in a row without any of these thrilling symptoms.

So, can someone please tell the vultures that while I find them winsome and adorable, they can stop following me around, and look for carcasses elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

That's WONDERFUL news. I am so happy to hear you're in a better place. I have decided to call you guys the Weebles. Anyone as old as me knows what I am talking about and anyone who doesn't....well, leave us old folks to our ailments and complaints, ok? *grin*

Love ya!

Lock Wenchiness

Gina said...

"Oh frabjous day! Caloo, Calay!" It must be a great relief to feel that you're finally on the mend.

Your picture made me remember that I heard about this* event while driving around this morning. If my car will make it, Liam and I plan to go. Anyone else want to come along? And, of course, we'll pass along your message, Lisa!




Anonymous said...

Hey, it's an opportunity to have them creep up close to you so you can get a good photo!

Anything for art, baby!



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