Monday, February 25, 2008

Discipline? Determination? Plain Old Stubbornness?


Call it what you will, Robb's got it.

He said to me last night that if he hadn't become so stubborn since his accident, he is certain that he wouldn't be walking as much as he is. Robb is at the pool three times a week, and cycles on the remaining sunny days. He's moving those muscles around, and hopefully stimulating more nerve regeneration.

The odd thing is that during the last few months, when I was laid low with hepatitis, I was trying to exert myself as little as possible, to speed my recovery. So, while Robb was being as active as possible, I was being a total slacky lay-about.

Strange how our two afflictions should have such different treatments.


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

I know that feeling. When I'm laid low with an injury, my instinct is to get up and run until the injury retires, defeated (not always a good idea, I realise). DH on the other hand takes to his bed or easy chair quite comfortably and remains there until all danger is past. It's good to be opposites sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Well, opposites attract, right?

I have a crooked back, and the doctors first advice years ago was for me to take it easy. Well, the back pain just got worse. Now Doc's say to exercise as much as possible to strengthen the back muscles, which works MUCH better, and so I did my garden each spring with much gusto, as I consider it medicinal activity. It all helps to support my obsessive-compulsive approach to gardening.

In your case, Lisa, laying back and watching the boob toob and knitting is also medicinal. Enjoy!



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