Thursday, January 10, 2008

The 100,000th?

Are you our one-hundred-thousandth hit?

It's going to happen in the next twenty-four hours and we'd love to know who finally flips our odometer. Leave a comment and let us know.


Anonymous said...

I am 99910. Do I win a prize if I'm the 100,000th? If I am, I want a hand knitted sweater the same color as your jaundice, girly girl!

Love and antibiotics,

Annalisaand Gary

Smiley said...


Anonymous said...


night writer said...

yippee! I'm honored to be the lucky person!


night writer

shiloh said...

Well crap....missed it by 49.

Oh well you can't win 'em all.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, had to check up on what the tally was up to, congrats!

Up to 100,317 as of 3 pm EST. I was wondering what was up with your duck? Is it ok, would it benefit by you knitting it a duck bill bandaid?

We just saw Michael Moore's Sicko movie yesterday, and it made me ashamed as an American and unable to sleep last night. I also heard yer Govern-ator Ah-nold is going to cut a significant amount of money to help the aged, the sick, handicapped and children. Hm, I suspect he is a republican after all!

How will this affect you and Robb? Robb specifically, actually. I have been wondering about this since I heard about it.

Also, do you remember Paul Moscatt? He (Painter) and his wife Carlene (a papermaker) are going to a farm-warming close to our place, the people who use to run the Resurgam Gallery in Baltimore have finally sold/closed down the place and they bought a farm in our area. Paul and his wife are going to attend and so are we. He is taking up a continuing painting class at Mica this summer, even though he formally retired. It will be good to visit with them again. I'm gonna pick his wife's brain about what sort of plants to plant on a neighbor's 1 acre garden space, specifically papermaking plants. Also thinking about planting broom corn, so I canmake my own brooms this coming year.


Sten said...

101162. Late! Again! Hey are you guys up for meeting this Sunday?


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