Sunday, December 30, 2007

Free Bird!


Here's a wonderful narrated slide show about one Double-Crested Cormorant that survived the recent oil spill. I was actually surprised to see this particular animal because, for some reason, almost no cormorants were brought in to care as a result of the spill.

Not seeing these animals at the wildlife center was quite perplexing. We should have seen them. They would have been directly in the path of the oil spill. Because these birds are the least waterproof of our local waterbirds, there is a theory that the oiled birds were unable to make it back to land, and that the oiled birds simply drowned.

Anyway, this slide show (click here) takes an rather long time to load, but it is quite interesting. I really enjoyed seeing all the people that I worked with on the oil spill response.

And, yes, by the end of it I was crying big slobbery tears.

I'll admit that I was a little surprised that someone decided to name the animal in the slide show. This runs counter to what I saw during rehab. Animals are not named, because they are not pets or little people. These are wild creatures, and should not have human attributes assigned to them.


Dale End Farm said...

You know I had a funny experience with the TV show Meerkat Manor. At first I really liked it, but then I got angry at the Meerkats when they weren't acting human, abandoning weak young, killing the litter of another rival, etc. I realized that I was expecting them to act like humans, because they were named. And I got attached to them.

Anonymous said...

Hm, ever notice how some animals have more personality to them then humans do?

Do you realize you have almost 100,000 hits on your blog?

Happy new year- Annalisa and Gary

Carson said...

I posted -what I thought was- a cormorant on my blog recently, it wasn't actually aboutthe cormorant, just a casual aside, well anyway some humourless ornithological pedant saw fit to correct my zoological nomenclature, gotta love the internet ;)
found your blog via ravelry by the that's something to really like the 'net for


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