Sunday, September 16, 2007

Letterboxing on the American River


On Friday, Robb and I drove up to Sacramento for a letterboxing party. We had thought that driving up the night before would give Robb more energy for the party itself. We brought Robb's car, which meant that he had to do all of the driving. (I can't use the hand controls.) By the end of the drive, Robb was in a lot of discomfort, and his gas/brake hand was going numb.

We might have been lost and a bit over-tired, but we were certainly less of a menace than the woman we spotted who was knitting while driving on the freeway during rush hour. Both hands off the wheel, eyes on her project, drifting all over the road. Words cannot express my dismay for the stupidity of her behavior.

The letterboxing event was perfect. The weather was lovely and the park was pristine. It was a delight to spend time with old friends, and make some new ones.

Robb brought the trike, so for the most part, we were able to keep up with everyone else. He is still trying to figure the best way of budgeting his energies, and worried that he might have given a bad impression by running out of steam half-way through a conversation. Hopefully, our friends will cut us some slack for our odd behavior.

And speaking of which, I think I was the Odd Behavior Champion of the day. I was sitting at a picnic table, chatting with friends, when I felt large and fuzzy on my knee. I figured that I was going to have to shoo away a honey bee, but looked down just in time to see this impressive fellow drop to the ground. I immediately dove under the table (in a rather short sun dress) and spent the next ten minutes crawling around, trying to get the perfect portrait of Mister Spider. How about those multiple eyes and luxurious eyelashes?


Gillespie Tribe said...

We certainly had a great time visiting with you two yesterday! Robb you did fantastically yesterday! I was amazed at the energy you did display, so no worries about creating a bad impression =o) I know we had a blast chatting with you and hope we can get together again sometime soon. You too Lisa! A woman after my own heart... diving under the table after a bug... and what a cutie he was! So glad that you good a good picture of him; although, I am not sure any picture will do him complete justice. Quite an amazing looking creature and well worth diving under the table to photograph... way to go!

Cheers to all!

dorks anonymous said...

Hey--sorry we missed the fun! Glad you got some good pictures and some good visits in with the NorCal folks.

ericaflory said...

What an adorable spider!

Anonymous said...

I almost expect audio to accompany your photos today. I feel as if those two bug-eyed fellows (no, I'm not refering to Robb) are ready to speak to me in a cartoonish voice. Thanks for another treat.

Anonymous said...

what a spider!

Anonymous said...

It surely was a good time-- the bonus of the roller coaster group from Pennsylvania and the medieval re-enactors in the adjacent picniking area certainly added to the fun of the day as well!! I was quite impressed by Robb's speed and agility on his incredible bike and it was fun to see Lisa off and on her own bike getting those incredible photos (how about that dragonfly!!!)-- So great to see you both--


Martha said...

You should send your photos in to some nature magazines. You rock. Stop trying to make your little sister have a complex. I'm supposed to be the photographer (she says in a whiney voice).

That spider is amazing. I think that you are just testing people to see who is worthy of being your friends. Our test is to bring an overtired, cranky toddler with us on vacation and see if people still like us after all the whining and screaming.

Anonymous said...

Lisa... I think you could give up your day job and make a fortune by submitting your photos to National Geographic! Amazing!

Robb... think of where you were a year ago and how far you have come! You are awesome!


Anonymous said...

Ok, maybe it's just me... but if you look closely at the dragonfly, doesn't it look like it is wearing a fake-nose-and-glasses? And the big red clown-nose kind, to boot!

Great pics, lisa! Great to see you and Robb at the gathering.


Anonymous said...

That is one creepy looking, hungry spider! Try putting together a bunch of scary bug photos for your Halloween blog entry!

Annalisa and Gary


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