Thursday, September 06, 2007

Join the Revolution!


Robb and I are delighted that our friends Kara and Ellen will be joining us for our upcoming cycling fund-raiser. We met Ellen in Baltimore when we were all working at Center Stage. She, subsequently, was my boss at the Gimmerglass Opera, where we all met Kara.

Kara, like Robb, has been in the midst of a long term recovery, in her case from a severe hand injury. She has concluded that after her most recent surgery, a long bike ride puts too much pressure on her palm, so she may end up being the pace car for Team How's Robb.

Ellen will be flying in from Minnesota, and will be riding with us. Good thing we have a guest bike at our house!

Anyone else who wants to join us in Wine Country to raise money for disabled athletes just has to say the word, and we'll make you a rider on our team!

Don't want to cycle twenty five miles? You could always help out by sipping wine at the finish line.


Anonymous said...

Your friend Ellen is flying in from Minnesota, eh? Just keep saying "eh" around her repeatedly until she smacks you, as saying eh is a big Minnesota and Canadian thang to do. I started saying it all the time to where I nauseated myself, yet couldnt stop, eh?

Good luck with the bike riding trip, I'm all for some wine sipping, as it would be a nice change from the house painting and weed pulling and garden putting in, eh?

Tell Robb to avoid the giant love-leaping tarantualas on his bike ride, they are really gross to pick out of your teeth.


colormecynical said...

Jealous! oh if i wasn't stuck on the east coast and a recovering intern. how i'd love to come bike for my booze.


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