Sunday, September 23, 2007

In the Dumps? (Not really.)


Although I feel terribly guilty about having a social life that doesn't include Robb, he has not been feeling up to a lot of extracurricular activities. So, I've been going out with other friends.

I saw the amazing, stripped down version of Sweeney Todd at ACT with the girlies from the scene shop. Gotta love a musical about canniballistic revenge! This production was particularly impressive because all of the actors were also the orchestra. Everyone sang and acted and played instruments. It was a bloody good time. (This photo is -- I think -- the London cast. The San Francisco cast played slightly different instruments.)

Yesterday, Ashley and I went to Nemo Gould's opening at the San Francisco Dump. There's a long-running program of artists' residencies at the dump. (Our friend James had this residency about two years ago.) We really loved the artist's use of found materials.

(For those curious, the top piece is made of the following items: record player, honda engine, dark room timer, wall clock, motor, photo enlarger, gear motor, halogen lights, vinyl, door bell housing, typewriter balls, LED lights. The second photo shows a piece made of: an electric grinder, boat motor, film editing deck parts, formica counter top, bike pedal cranks, vacuum attachment, circular saw, soap dish, meat grinders, child’s tricycle, motor, taxidermy eye, LED lights.)

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