Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How's everyone else?


I thought we would take a break from talking about Robb's health today and mention some of the other denizens of our humble home.

Niobe, despite her advances in driving technique, is succumbing to kidney disease. Robb gives her subcutaneous fluids every day, but she has -- quite suddenly -- become an old, frail cat. We're giving her all the love in the world, and she seems quite content. She has slowed down, measurably. I'm a bit frustrated because we caught this kidney problem quite late, and because it is keeping her from getting a stinky tooth removed. (She is too fragile for kitty anesthesia, it would seem, and I guess there's no way we can convince the vet to tie her tooth to a doorknob, and just slam the door. And heck no, I'm not sticking my fingers in my cat's mouth.) This is tearing me apart. Niobe is my Special Cat.

Having Niobe get so suddenly sick is hard enough, but having just lost Mister Firsdusi makes this doubly difficult.

I'm in the middle of an acute allergic reaction to goodness-know-what. Every two or three years, I expose myself to something, and my face puffs up like a big, angry balloon. Sometimes I end up in the hospital, and sometime (like now) I catch the symptoms early enough and dose myself up with benadryl. The combination of histamine rushing through my system (speedy and awful) and the antihistamines (zombified stupor) is not a pleasant one. Robb likens it to drinking several Irish Coffees on an empty stomach. This allergy thing has been going on for four days, now. I'll be seeing a doctor this afternoon.

Otherwise, things are going well, we're looking forward to getting together with our letterboxing pals this weekend!


Anonymous said...

AWWWWW! You poor thing! If there is anything we can do for you from up here let us know.

We are thining of you!

Loys of love and hugs coming your way,

Team Springamajack

Gothknits said...

Hugs and chocolate to you!

Poor kitty. A scritchy for her from both of us here.

Anonymous said...

All you can do is pamper them as long as you can.

Our 17 year old kity just wants to eat wet food, sleep in the sun and piddle on the floor. We love her so we have a lot of floor wiping to do on a (sometimes) 4 times a day habit. The floor doesn't smell so good sometimes, but it's made me a more attentive house keeper, if only in the one room she stays in. Her hips arent so good either, and she sort of slowly walks around. As long as your cat gets lots of attention and enough food in her bowl, she will be happy. Our cat eats some expensive food, but she's our friend, so we buy what she likes, which is what the vet recommended anyway.

There is only so much you can do for them. I actually made the mistake of letting my former kitty die "in her own time" when she had a tumor, and I will never do that again. Trust me on this, when it becomes unbearable for the cat, do her a favor and end it peacefully at the vet. I'll never let any of my cats suffer like that again.

Sorry you have a sick kitty, Annalisa

Anonymous said...

PS- get a kitten.

That might also help perk up your cat as well as you guys, she is probably in mourning for her friend/kitten/bedmate.


Anonymous said...

wait, wait, wait....what's wrong with 4 irish coffee's on an empty stomache...that was breakfast! :-p

feel better,



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