Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bay Area Backroads

Back in the spring, I was part of a group of local letterboxers who filmed a segment for the television show Bay Area Backroads, which airs this weekend!

If you are in the Bay Area, you can watch it at 6pm on both Saturday and Sunday. And if you live farther away, you'll be able to see the show online. I believe the episode will be up on the website on Friday.

The filming took the better part of the day, and we all had a lot of fun. The show's producer was a sweetie-pie and a delight to spend time with.

When he called me today and invited me to be part of his team this weekend at the San Francisco City Guides' Summer of Love Treasure Hunt, I jumped at the chance. The yarn show and the How Berkeley Can You Be Festival (and art car show) will have to be scheduled around, so that I can go treasure hunting.

According to its website, City Guides is a non-profit organization (sponsored by the San Francisco Public Library) with more than 200 trained volunteers who lead free history and architectural walking tours in San Francisco. This treasure hunt is their fundraiser, and sounds like a lot of fun.

Of course, I feel terribly guilty about doing another activity that Robb cannot participate in, but he was very enthusiastic about my treasure hunting invite, and insisted that I go.

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Anonymous said...

I say go to the art car show first, get yourself a snazzy vehicle, and then you can zip around to all the places you want to in style!



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