Friday, August 03, 2007

permanent and stationary

Today, Robb and I drive down to Stanford University for a much anticipated (and much dreaded) doctor's appointment.

This appointment will be a multi-hour assessment of Robb's case by a doctor who has been selected by the worker's compensation company. It is the first big step in closing out our case. (Terrifying.)

The insurance company is looking for a designation from a physician that Robb's condition is "Permanent and Stationary," and once they get that assurance, we move into a whole new phase, in terms of how our case is managed. Basically, once the doctors say that Robb isn't going to get appreciably better, the insurance company can change how they think about his treatment plan, and the plan for the future.

I hate the idea that someone is going to tell us that Robb isn't going to continue to improve. I dread having to make decisions that involved the phrase "for the rest of his life."

This whole thing stresses me out so terribly.

I can only imagine how Robb feels.

Who knows, maybe he's willing to delegate, and let me do the fretting, while he continues to work on getting better.


Greg said...

I hope it goes well, don't fret too much over something you have little control over (Dr's opinion) Hopes and prayers for the best for both of you today.


Anonymous said...

You must remember the KEY WORD.....OPINION. That is what the Dr. thinks...and it ain't written in stone and Robb's improvement should not be affected by that opinion. Just think of all the "opinions" that have been wrong over the years....and yeah to that.

Of course his opinion could be that Robb will continue to improve and be more mobile all the time....and you could concur with that........that's the desired outcome.


Gothknits said...

Hugs and tons of supportive thoughts and wishes.

oh and kitty kisses too.

Anonymous said...

Now wait just a minute here!!!!

This "permanent and stationary" talk is all for the benefit of insurance speak-- it is NOT real world talk and should in no way put any limits on Robb's continued recovery (as if...!!!).

This is just the thing that needs to be done for the system to function-- as distasteful as it is for one to be pigeonholed, that is what the system needs to do-- How very unnatural...

Wishing you the best with it all--


Anonymous said...

Permanent and stationary is also a biking term for exercising in one place without actually moving forward. This is not true in Robb's case. They can sling whatever term they want to on his "condition" but we all know he will continue to work and improve. It can be small increases through time, or massive advances, but in his case if there is a massive instant healing I will then know you have been absorbing the space alien DNA that was in the bread I sent and you both ate. Tee Hee! Bet you didnt know that! It sometimes takes awhile to kick in.

Just relax and let the docs and the insurance guys sweat over Robb for a change, consider it a well deserved break for the both of you for a bit.

Remember, worrying over something that hasn't happened yet and that you can't change is like paying interest on a bill you havent gotten yet. When the docs proclaim him "permanent and stationary" you can continue to exercise and tingle and twitch and spasm and SLOWLY HEAL, and then one day you can go back to the doc and say- "HA! YOU WERE WRONG!" I am always medically encouraged by my 106 year old Pa. Dutch Neighbor who drank his homemade wine, chewed tobacco and ate fatty pork his whole life who outlived all his doctors, all who told him he had to stop all of those activities. Of course, he also got up at 5 am every day to tend his chickens, as opposed to his docs who were somewhat sedentary and overweight. Hence, if you meet up with a doctor who tells you two to quit biking and making homebrew beer, you know you are doing the right thing.

I have a warped image of doctors, except for one at Johns Hopkins who was very good and cured me right up.

Good luck to you both- remember this is yet another step in a long process, you two are by no means done healing yet.


colormecynical said...

eurgh, i just hope the dr isn't one of those insurance company payoff guys who actually can tell an elbow from an arsehole but has a professional opinion that happens to concur exactly with what the company wants. always take what the doctor They have selected says with a grain of salt and don't lose hope just because they want you to!

Yes, i'm an antiestablishmentarian. Pardon the cynicism.

on a lighter note, Ben replied to your question on my blog:

Ben said...

Hessian does indeed mean burlap, which does mean that the term 'hessian mercenary' conjures up strange images of soldiers in sacks, or just with really chafing clothes.
7:40 PM, August 01, 2007

Anonymous said...

PS- How long do we have to donate to the "Team Robb kicks butt" bikefest? We are strapped for cash with the house this week, but want to get in on the action.


robb said...

Thank you all for your encouragement today. We had a relatively short visit with a very kind, competent doctor (who, I believe, is not in anybody's pocket) and then spent a pleasant afternoon shopping and eating in Palo Alto.

It does feel strange to enter this new chapter in my recovery but I think I feel a new resolve coming on.

Annalisa: the fundraiser will continue until the beginning of October.

Thanks again.


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