Sunday, August 12, 2007

Most Delightful


One of the interesting and unique things about my recent doctor's visit was that the doctor, having been chosen and agreed upon by both parties in my case (plaintiff and defense), issues a medical opinion which is considered legally unassailable. What he says, goes.

Imagine, then, my satisfaction on learning what this unimpeachable source has entered into the public record.

On physical examination, he is a most delightful, cooperative and highly credible, average weight gentleman who was in no acute distress.

I liked this doctor right from the start but never dreamed he would be such a keen judge of character, a man of refined and discerning taste.

There was a lot more in his report –– eighteen pages of me falling down and what hurts and what's numb and which part bends more than another part and then a lot of math, but I think I covered the most important bits.


Bobbie said...

How wonderful! A perceptive doctor who observed, listened and drew accurate conclusions! Yay!

Anonymous said...

That would have been my initial observation after meeting you too!


Anonymous said...

Hurrah! That's a fabulous bit of insight. And I'm glad to hear also that you're not in acute distress.
--Mel B in Bal'mer

Anonymous said...

Gee, Robb, glad he left out the part where you are a cannibal, that might not go down to well with the medical examiner's board.


Anonymous said...

Didn't he just state the obvious? Now it's legally binding.


Cellissimo said...

Your doctor is obviously a fine judge of character!

Gillespie Tribe said...

Obviously you had not been boxing recently... those inky fingers might not have contributed much to the "highly credible" comment... LOL =o)

As one who frequently types those reports, that is high praise indeed =o)

Ladyaero said...

Sort of off subject, but maybe you being "most delightful, cooperative and highly credible" (along with having a lovely, talented wife, of course) is why you appear to have DOUBLED your goal for the bicycle fundraiser...congrats!


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