Thursday, August 30, 2007

18 Today!

I surprised myself today. After a very difficult week both physically and mentally (thanks, by the way, to everyone who wrote in with condolences, etc.) I decided I had better get back on the trike and continue to prepare for the big ride in October.

I had low expectations for today but thought I might stick to my original goal to increase my distance by one mile a week. That would mean pedaling 18 miles today.

Lately, I've had a few very low-energy days with even less tolerance for sitting than usual, so I was preparing myself for the possibility of going a mile or two and turning right back around. That didn't happen.

Normally these rides take the better part of an afternoon. I stop and get lunch. I stop and lie down–– several times. I stop and look at birds. I chat with people on the trail–– I ride a 3-wheeled conversation-starter, after all. And did I mention I stop and lie down?

When I reached the end of my ride today, though, I realized that not only had I done the full 18 miles, not only had I increased my best average speed, but I did it all with only a single 20 minute break.

Now I'm wondering if my ideal training program needs to include equal amounts of daytime bedrest, late-night insomnia and mourning. I hope not but I guess I've been doing something right lately.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a knack for figuring everything out. Keep up with your positive direction.

Anonymous said...

First of all, my condolences regarding Mr. F. He had a grand life and will be missed.

But look at YOU! 18?!? At this rate, that 25 mile mark will be a piece of cake! I hope you take guys take TONS of pictures for that event.Good luck!


Bobbie said...

18 with only one break?!
That's AWESOME! Congratulations!

dorks anonymous said...

Good job, Robb! Keep up the hard work. Missing you and the rest of the Bay Area folks--Dorxx Anon.

Anonymous said...

18 miles surely is alot to ride, Robb-- I am amazed...

I'd imagine it's more than just physically therapeutic too-- betcha it gives you a sustantial chance to mull things over, sort it all out-- all good to get through the hard stuff that's been going on...
Keep on pedaling Robb-- we are all rooting for you--


Anonymous said...

It's that extra boost of energy that comes from the newly working "toe magic" that helps you go the distance.

Or it could be all the crack.

Either one.



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