Monday, July 02, 2007

What's Going On?


Robb seems to be having more, not less, difficulty walking lately. He finds that the has less energy and more discomfort these days than previously. This is, as you may imagine, quite demoralizing.

Today may be Robb's last session of physician-authorized physical therapy. Considering how few sessions most people get with a therapist (thanks to some major "reforms" to California's Workers' Compensation Insurance), Robb has been very fortunate to have been able to do as much work with therapists as he has. Still, this doesn't really feel like a graduation. It feels more like having your family run out of money half-way through your college education. You didn't pass, you didn't fail, you're just finished.

I've been battling a summer cold or allergies, and have been not making much headway in my Puppy Palaces Project. I need to get this finished, but it just keeps growing in complexity. And the worst part is that like much of what I do, nobody but another painter will have any idea how much work went into this silly project.


Ladyaero said...

I can't think of a single "Everything's going to be ok" thing to say without sounding trite, so I will just say tjat I hope this is the dark before the light, that this is the harbinger of many new nerve pathways coming back to life and getting back to work.
Ladyero (sometimes letterboxer)

Anonymous said...

Hm, the last physician-authorized treatment, eh?

After this you are free to explore all the wackos that enjoy our society, like the Doc's that will treat you with "special healing water crystals" of the sacred spring of the UFO AREA 51 overlords, or some obscure saint of a religion that used to exist in Atlantis. Feel free to exploit all the wonderfully creative "healers" that exist,(I bet a lot of them live in California, especially). Now that legitimate medical science has had a try, you can open doors to every Tom, Dick and Ramtha that is out there. And the best thing is, tell them you don't pay them a penny unless they cure you completely. This is how I had a demon expelled from my last car. A couple of "special" chicken feet tied to my rear-view mirror followed with a quick kazoo rendition of "The Star Spangeled Banner", along with an oil change, made my car run great, and made those mysterious engine-knocking demons go bye-bye.

Hey, what can I say, stick with what sort of home-managed recovery seems to work best for you, and give it time. You may be suprised next year about this time with any new changes. I myself am an adherent in the "Purr vibration therapy" treatment. My cats lay on me and purr and I instantly feel better. Maybe we can make a strap-on shirt for Robb so he can wear the cats at the swimming pool.


PS- When going to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (20 miles from our house) for the July 4th celebration of the battles, you can bring your own horse (as a re-enactor) for $30, and bring your own personal cannon for $50. FYI.


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