Sunday, July 08, 2007

Still Here!


Thank you, everyone who wrote and called. I'm feeling much less grim. Of course, I'm still drowning in work on my Victorian dog kennel project. At the clients' insistence, we are using the worst paint imaginable, in terms of suitability for mural painting. So, everything is taking three times longer than it should. Trying to paint a mural with this paint is like trying to paint a mural with Jell-O. Yuck.

Robb is going through a really difficult time (which is, no doubt, what is causing me to see the word through such a bleak filter). He is horribly uncomfortable and exhausted, much of the time. Laying down no longer offers any respite from unpleasant sensations. At the moment, there is no position in which he can be truly comfortable. We keep telling ourselves that these distressing sensations might be the first flickerings of return of neural activity, but ultimately it is a very upsetting time for both of us.

Anyway, I've got to get back to the Puppy Palaces, so I leave you with a photo of a spunky magpie that I took on our cross-country drive, back in 2005. He flirted with me across a huge rest stop in Nevada. He would let me approach, and as soon as I raised my camera, he would grab the scrap of bread he was carrying and fly away from me. I like how the small twigs on the underside of his perch look like talons.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Robb is uncomfortable because you guys have a lumpy bed. I just myself discovered missing clothing under my bedsheets, and am hoping the uncomfortable nights are also due to missing hammers, paintbrushes, etc. It's possible they are all tangled in the bedsheets. This could also be Robb's dilema. Also, perhaps it's cat karma, you are spending too much time thinking about dogs and not cats, lately!

Look at it this way, Robb is feeling something, which is a heck of a lot better than not feeling anything. Things, they are a'healing, take the good with the bad and enjoy the new nerve endings! If Robb is still doing some weird twitching, you should take him dancing. He will be a sensation as well as be feeling them!


Martha said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. It would be nice if your wellwishers could send all our thoughts and hopes directly to Robb's back and zap some of the nerves back in line.

I can't wait to go out and see you guys!!


Syndee said...

You always make me laugh. You also made me remember I have to do a thorough cleaning under my bed to find an earring that went missing a few months ago.
I wonder if your sensations are like when your foot falls asleep for an extended period of time and then begins to come back to life? If so, it must be awful for you--do you at least have some good meds to help you through this?


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