Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Gone to the Dogs

Regular readers may have noticed a drop off in my blog entries. Left to his own devices, Robb seems to have given up on writing brave heart-warming essays about his recovery (which nobody comments on, anyway) and has gone off into Rear Window-ville.

I've been busy with a weird painting project (outside of work). I'm painting custom-made dog kennels to look like Victorian houses. What can I say? It pays the bills.

This project is hugely complicated because while the drawings that I'm working from look very thorough, they need a lot of adjustments to make them work, full-scale. This is cutting into my getting-photos-organized-for-the-blog time.

I'm not getting a whole lot of laundry done, either.


dorks anonymous said...

Well, Jimminy, no laundry AND no blog!? I'm happy to know that you're paying the bills, at least. I'm curious to know what in the world a Victorian dog kennel might look like in real life, anyway.


Gothknits said...

I'm sorry, I should comment more. Sometimes it feels anything I can say is so trite and meaningless compared to what you are facing. I will try better.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Yeah, painting fancy doghouse *is* pretty tragic, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I comment on Robb's recovery all the time. I keep asking him to post pictures of the floor when he falls onto it but he is uncooperative and refuses to fall on his butt. Thus I am deprived of pics of your dust bunnies and cats butts and lost art supplies that roll under and behind things.

Hey! I just found some great paintbrushes I thought I had lost! Turned out the cats "liberated" them and took them behind a dresser to chew on them.

Always remember this-

Painting a dog house is better than being in one.


Anonymous said...

You've checked out "barkitechture"?



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