Sunday, June 17, 2007


I recently stumbled upon a silly little online drawing program. The drawing tools are anything but subtle, but the fun part is that once you've finished, you can watch your drawing process as a short film.

When I'm teaching scenic painting, and my painters are starting out painting with their brushes stuck in the ends of bamboo poles, I assure them that working this way won't always feel like painting with their feet. I must admit, that this is how drawing this vulture felt. Very clumsy.

Of course, I seem incapable of doing a "pretty" drawing. Nope, it's nothing but carrion-eaters for this girl!


Jennie & dave & cole said...

now that's why you're a scenic artist and i'm not!!

awesome vulture, full of personality!

my bumpy elephant:

Kaaren said...

That was cool!

Ryan said...

This is SO cool! But am I the only person to see that and think, "Hey, there's a letterbox clue we could hide in these things...."

It's not a real letterbox (I guess that makes it a virtual letterbox?), but I drew a treasure map at


dorks anonymous said...

This is pretty snazzy. This is what I made.

Kath said...

this is much too addictive... both drawing and checking out other people's masterpieces!


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