Thursday, May 31, 2007

Walking? Not Walking?


Despite a recent blog entry about how Robb should be doing more weight-bearing exercises (that's "walking" for the rest of us), I have not witnessed much walking of late.

Robb's feet are going through a phase of hypersensitivity. They're so sensitive, in fact, that if they are stimulated, they send all the muscles on from his butt on down to the bottoms of his feet into painful, prolonged spasms. Strangely, one part of this is the sensation that Robb has the (incorrect) sensation that his little toe has been wrenched out of its socket, and is pointing straight up at the sky. Robb told me that he has to keep pulling his foot out of his shoe, to check that his toes are, in fact, not mangled.

All this happens if he walks?

Fine. No big walks for now.

Today Robb saw his doctor and nurse case manager, and among many other things, they discussed the hypersensitivity of his feet. Everyone remarked that any return of neural function in Robb's case is often preceded by terribly unpleasant and inappropriate sensations.

So we can take comfort that this ooky nastiness is likely to be the first step towards more improvement.


mames said...

hi, you left a comment about some mitts that i knit over at flickr. i decided to visit the blog and would like to say you have my healing wishes for rob. i worked for 7-8 years in the field of rehab with people with SCI as a physical therapist and though i do not do so now, i recall the work it requires both for the person affected and their support system. and the knits are with a nice berocco yarn that is brown with colorful flecks in it, so no beads, i have yet to try beads with kntting, though i would love to.

Anonymous said...

Terribly unpleasant and innapropriate sensations.....hmmm. That reminds me of the time I .... well, ahem, it's highly embarassing and personal, so I won't go into details, but as long as Robb isn't farting loudly in the confessional, grocery line, bus line, swimming pool, or asking out a guy on a date who happens to be (suprise!) GAY, it's all cool. (This is all deep in my past.)

There is even a bright side to this- If he starts twitching maybe he could make some money in the circus. Those people make a lot of money, so don't laugh. I, sadly, could not interest the circus in a compulsively flatulant performer. They had NO VISION!

Signed, Annalisa (The flatulant wonder)

. . . geeky painter . . . said...

Ah, but you're wrong! There is a lucrative career for those who share your talent.


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