Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This Week

As anybody who's worked with me in the past must know I really enjoy setting up systems to solve problems. Over this past week, with Lisa away, I've discovered that many of the things around the house that I assumed I could not do were simply things I hadn't yet figured out a way to do.

It's very liberating. Suddenly I'm confident I can handle just about anything that comes up. I may need to lie down two or three times in the course of, say, vacuuming the apartment, but I'm sure most people would not regard that as unusual. The lesson I'm learning each day is "Work Smart and Know Your Limits."

And speaking of "Limits" ( and "Work"... and "Smart") Lisa has finally come up for air in the midst of her project in New York. She was out of touch there for a while owing to: 1) a drowned cell phone. 2) Staying in the last hotel in America with no wi-fi. And 3) an all-consuming job which had her working 31 hours in a 48 hour period last weekend.

That's one huge project deadline down but I'm sure another one is just around the corner.

By the way, Lisa's cell phonebook was irretrievable so, if you were in there, you might want to give her a call sometime so she can capture your number (or send her an email). Her number has not changed. Just don't expect her to answer the phone, though, she's working in a cell phone-off environment.


Anonymous said...

We always knew you were creative and innovative. You actually figured out it is okay to rest while using the vacuum! I might try that if I ever figure out what to do with a vacuum, other than hang clothes on the handle. :-) Well done!

Congratulations on using this time as an opportunity to use your initiative.
Grinch of Grumpy Grinch

Anonymous said...

Vacuums are good to scare the cats with as well. If you have like 5 of them and turn them all on at the same time the space aliens can't read your brain, and the zombies cant smell your brain, either. Technology is amazing!

Lisa is possibly the only one in the NY theater arena who isn't on some sort of drug other than coffee to get everything done. Also, having lots of experience helps to mentally get things done correctly beforehand, as opposed to working it out physically.

Too bad she can't train zombies to paint for her, except after all that time without sleep, I suspect she will be feeling like one herself!

Good luck to you and the cats- Annalisa and Gary

Anonymous said...

Hey-- you only rest twice while vaccuuming?? I take at LEAST 3 or 4 breaks while doing that hateful job!!! Then there's the half hour needed to unglue the cats from the ceiling afterwards (so Annalisa, I'm not the only one with vaccuum-phobic critters)...

Way to go Robb-- keep innovating and keep us all posted on how it's all going---

Anna (and the kids)

dorks anonymous said...

Waaaaaaiiiiit...I thought you guys had a Roomba. I guess if I had one, I'd lay down and watch it go too. Glad to hear things are trucking along.

... Lisa ... said...

Robb is spinning overly dramatic tales about my work load.

I didn't work thirty-one hours in two days.

It was only thirty out of a possible forty-eight.


Anonymous said...

Only 30 hours? Wow Lisa, what a lame-o you must be! Since you got all that left over energy, come and paint my house, dagnabit.

Bring a really really big brush.



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