Sunday, May 27, 2007

Just when we thought...


Robb has not been to physical therapy at the therapy gym in some time, because he did not have the doctor's authorization to do so.

He has, instead, been doing aqua therapy, both with a therapist and on his own. He has also been doing a lot of cycling. Both of these are activities that he is able to do for relatively long periods of time before they cause him discomfort.

What he has not been doing a lot of is walking. Right now, this is an activity that is quite uncomfortable and exhausting for Robb.

But when Robb met with his regular physical therapist last week, she pointed out that avoiding weight-bearing exercises (in other words, walking) could lead to bone loss.


Since walking causes terrible muscular spasticity, but working in the water, seems to eradicate this same spasticity, we have been pondering a regimen that pairs the two activities.

A session of strenuous walking, followed by work in the pool? Or vice verse?

We'll give it a try.

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