Saturday, April 28, 2007

Where's Lisa?


We may soon consider changing the title of this blog to "How's Lisa."

Me? I'm getting along just fine. I can do my little shopping, carry my little groceries up the long, long stairs, a little at a time. I'm training the cats to dust and vacuum. (so far, no luck). Being able to drive has changed everything for me.

There is one problem, though. Lisa's not here and I miss her.

Before my accident, Lisa would go away to work every summer for seven or eight years running. Before that, she was on the road working in places like Indiana, Alabama, Virginia, New York... for weeks at a time. And then there were my tours and travels. We got used to these frequent separations –– in a way. Thinking back now, these past two years may be the longest we have been together under one roof since the early '90s. I guess that's what makes this time apart all the more difficult.

But that's nothing compared to what Lisa must be going through right now. What seemed like a chance to be in New York, spend the weekends visiting family and friends and have a challenging but smoothly-run job experience re-creating the paint for a show she's done before, now has hit some bumps in the road. To make a long story short: Lisa is about to achieve the seemingly impossible against an impossible deadline. It's just a good thing she's one of the most talented people in her profession.

But, I'm sure the only talent she's interested in right now would be the power to add eight hours to every day.

Side note: If you were thinking of calling her, please wait a few days. Lisa's mobile phone met with an unfortunate accident. Also, she doesn't have a way to connect to the internet in her hotel room. These are issues which will be addressed by the end of next week.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robb,

It's good to hear your point of view on this forced separation. Congrats on the cat training! As the time stretches on without Lisa, just think how fond your respective hearts are growing.

Grumpy Grinch

Anonymous said...

Hm, Indiania, California, New York... Isn't this a list of where all those unsolved "Death by Paint" murders happened in all those Performance houses? I wonder if I'm onto something here...

By the way, my cats have trained ME to get up at 4 am and feed them. Forget about training the cats to do your bidding, they are too smart for us humans. My kitten had me outsmarted before it was a month old. Perhaps this is a good time to start saving all the cat turds in the litter box so you can make a "special" sculpture for Lisa when she gets back. If you DO get that weird while Lisa is away, please don't call, psychos scare me. Try someone local. The phone rates are better as well.

Love and clean litter- Annalisa and Gary

Anonymous said...

Hi Robb,

This separatation is such a long way from where you were last year at this time...I know you're both lonesome, but how wonderful that you're able to feel safe being alone and self sufficient! How's your cat training coming?


Anonymous said...

Hey Robb
check this out for a cat learning how to mop floors:
I guess it can be done if you train them early enough.
Hope the next few weeks go smoothly!

Ziska said...

Obviously, you need a Puli- they're great dust mops....

Gothknits said...

I've got my eye on her for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robb,
I wanted to say thank you again for taking care of us while we were working on the letters for Eurydice. Good to know Lisa's phone is down and she's not online. I was wondering why I hadn't heard back from her. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you while she's away.



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