Tuesday, April 03, 2007

So, what's new?


I've been really busy, and am feeling a bit overwhelmed by catching up on the blog, so I'm just going to list a few things that are going on in our lives.

Robb's driver's license has been reinstated. We just need to go down to the Department of Motor Vehicles to pick it up.

Rob starts aquatic therapy on Wednesday. We're really excited about this. Robb is not able to support his weight, standing on his toes under normal circumstances. His muscles aren't getting strong enough messages through his nervous system to work properly. When you walk, you probably roll your weight, from your heel to your toe. It is only in the buoyancy of water that Robb is able to do this. And if he can do this in water, perhaps he can retrain his nervous system and regain the ability to do this on land.

I have been working odd hours, getting ready to open a new show at Berkeley Repertory Theatre. Eleven hours of painting on Monday, after a weekend where for whatever reason, I didn't sleep very well. I'm tired. However, I was able to work a slightly shorter day today, so Robb and I went on a two-mile stroll, where we saw this glorious white pelican. He was the only pelican we've seen on the lake this spring, and he was being very sexy, with his uplifted wings and manly horn-knob. Too bad there weren't any lady pelicans to admire all this splendor.

But the weekend was beautiful. Cycling on Saturday, and a brilliant letterboxing party on Sunday. I haven't slogged through the photos of all this, yet.

The big news for me is that there is a good chance that I'll be going to New York, to paint a show that was originally at Berkeley Rep in 2004. Sadly, the scene shop where I'll be working is smack in the middle of Nowheresville, and I'll have a pretty brutal schedule, so this won't be a leisurely trip. Robb and I have discussed this, and I think that if I hire a maid service, and a cat-box cleaner, Robb will be fine. We've been getting groceries delivered, and hopefully our friends will be willing to stop by, and hang out with Robb. It will, of course, be strange to be away from Robb. Putting aside any of the personal issues for the moment, Robb was one the lead painters on this show, the first time we did it, and it will be incredibly bizarre to revisit this project, without him. Robb and I were amazing painting partners, and I miss working with him, terribly.


Music Woman said...

OMG! I chance to finally meet at least one of the duo! I would love to meet you! Where will you be? I live in CT, and most parts of New York are within five hours from here.

E-mail me and let me know when you will be coming and where :-) mindizneyatcoxdotnet.

Music Woman

Gina said...

Holy Cow! I think I know someone at the sceneshop where you'll be! Ask Pat Dias if he remembers Gina Braden from Chestertown. . . .

When will you be there?

Want to ship Liam out to CA as a short term litter box cleaner?

Just a thought.

I'll give you guys a call soon. . .



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